Moves of the Week: Exercises from Gwyneth's Trainer

I'm not proud of this, but I've been reading Gwyneth Paltrow's life-advice website and email newsletter called Goop for a few months now. I wrote about Gwyneth's new site in October, and even though some of the advice is goopy, last week's workout was really cool.

Gwyneth posted a home video that her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, sent to her from the road. Tracy can't see Gwyneth much these days because she's on tour with her other important client, Madonna.

My personal trainer sends me videos to do at home, does yours? (That's a joke. I could never in a million years afford a personal trainer. Well, unless my virtual Wii Fit trainer counts--I named him Sven.) Seriously, though, check out the Tracy Anderson's workout for Gwyneth. And here's another Tracy Anderson video from This one includes Tracy's favorite, most effective toning and fat-busing moves that, according to her, will make us "stay sexy forever."


The moves in the video are:

  1. Plies--basic ballet moves
  2. Butt pulses--use a chair and lift your legs behind you
  3. Outer thigh flex and point--use a chair to lift legs out to the sides one at a time
  4. Double attitude lift--crunches with leg lifts at the same time (ouch)
  5. Advance pike exercise--legs and arms meet at an angle, using lower abs

"Be consistent and make fitness a part of your lifestyle," Anderson reminds us. Did you make it to the gym or workout at home this week?

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