Boyfriend Sabotages Partner’s Diet By Adding High-Calorie Ingredients Behind His Back



Those of us who are trying to lose weight know that doing it at the same time as our significant other can hurt just as much as it helps. Sometimes your loved one keeps you on track -- whereas other times, the situation is more like the one experienced by one man, who says his boyfriend is jealous of his weight loss success and is trying to sabotage him by slipping high-calorie food into his meals.

  • The couple started their weight loss journey together about 6 months ago.

    According to a post that has since been deleted on Reddit, the man explained that he's been eating extremely healthy for the last six months -- and for the first four months, his boyfriend was right there along with him.

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  • The problem was that his boyfriend wasn't sticking too closely to the plan.

    Snacking and not hitting the gym meant that his boyfriend wasn't losing as much weight as the original poster (OP). About a month ago, his boyfriend gave up losing weight completely "and he became resentful that I was still losing weight."

  • Ever since the two have been staying at home due to the coronavirus, the man has noticed that his weight loss slowed.

    He even gained back some of the weight he lost.

    "I have no idea how this was happening because even though I’m not exercising as much, I’m still eating a caloric deficit and going for runs a few times a week," he wrote.

  • Since he quit losing weight, his boyfriend has made snarky comments about the OP's "discipline."

    But the OP probably never could have guessed what his jealousy would come to.

    "This morning he made me a coffee and brought it to me, which was really sweet, but I noticed that there was this oily substance floating at the top," he recalled.

    He asked his boyfriend what the oily substance was -- and was told that most likely the cream went bad "and went to make me a new one." 

  • The OP followed his boyfriend back into the kitchen -- and that's when he saw the jar of coconut oil on the counter.

    The OP confronted his boyfriend -- why on earth would he put coconut oil in his coffee?

    "After a bit of a fight he confessed he has been adding fats to my food since the quarantine started because he feels I’m not getting enough calories," he explained.

  • But the OP felt like this was a steaming pile of bull.

    He's eating at a slight calorie deficit (about 200 calories below maintenance) and his dietician even came up with a vegetarian meal plan for him "that is completely made of nutritious, whole foods with lots of protein and vitamins."

    So what's the truth? Was his boyfriend concerned -- or totally jealous?

    "Either way, I’m disgusted he would do this," he wrote. "It’s completely wrong. What do I do?"

  • This was not a good sign.

    Most people in the comments section believed the OP's boyfriend committed a serious offense.

    "This is crazy controlling and toxic behavior, and I wouldn't tolerate a fraction of this in my relationship," one commenter wrote.

    A second person agreed. "I think this is far beyond red flags. This is far more than controlling or toxic behavior (although it is both those things); it's abusive."

    "He lied to you and tampered with your food," a third person wrote. "This is a MAJOR red flag. This would shake me to my core. Probably time to walk away."

    No one should have to worry that someone has tampered with their food -- especially not from their significant other. The OP might want to really take a hard look at his relationship.

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