Woman Thought She Was Using 'Fancy' Soap -- Only To Find Out It Was a Block of Dried Cheese


cheese soap

Times are crazy. Economically, socially, politically, and healthwise, it is safe to say we collectively are a hot mess right now. And in these troubling times, we all need a little comedic relief -- which a woman named Miley from Vancouver, Washington, has accidentally provided us with.

  • On Reddit, Miley shared a photo and a simple caption that had literally thousands of users in stitches. 

    cheese soap

    "Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese," she wrote. 

    In a time when hand-washing is critical, this is as equally horrifying as it is hilarious -- but all in all, Miley tells CafeMom it was a simple mistake

    "I spend a lot of time doing chores/washing my hands and I tend to use a bar soap like that [unscented, yellowed] because my hands get dry."

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  • The woman also confessed it took a bit to realize what she was actually washing her hands with. 

    "It was a couple days of 'Why isn’t this foaming?!'" Miley admits to CafeMom. "I come to realize it was a dried-out square of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese."

  • Although it's totally an honest, albeit weird, mistake, the internet could not contain its laughter. 

    "I'd check the thing wrapped in wax paper in your fridge," one user jokingly warned.

    "To be fair to you it does look like a block of soap," another commenter sympathized.

  • As for how something like this could happen, Miley is blaming it on the al-al-al-alcohol, baby 

    "I suspect i left it out when i was intoxicated and just forgot," she admits to CafeMom. 

    All in all, it's a pretty hysterical mishap -- though we truly hope that Miley has since replaced her "artisanal" cheese with a fancy bar of soap and is singing "Happy Birthday" twice for good measure while washing her hands.