5 Weight Loss Workouts You Can Do on the Couch (When It's Too Chilly Outside)


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by Genny Glassman

If you’re trying to stay healthy this winter, it might seem impossible to keep up with a consistent workout plan as the weather gets colder. Rest assured there are many ways to get your blood pumping even if you don’t want to journey far from home. Workouts can be done from your home and in fact, some of the most effective exercises can be done from the comfort of your own couch.

There are many plans out there that can offer you support on your fall weight loss journey -- we like Noom, but if you’re looking to get started today we’ve collected some fast and fat-burning techniques that can be done from your living room.

  • Couch Climbers

    couch push up

    Get your heart rate up and never leave the couch. Start with your body in plank position; elbows on the couch cushion, hands together, and feet on the floor. Your chest should be over your forearms. Keep your body in a straight line and don’t let your hips drop. Push up on your right arms so that your arm is fully extended. Push up on the left side. Once both arms are extended, you’re going to drop your right arm back into its first position and then repeat with the other side. Continue this “up, up, down, down” pattern as you repeat the exercise for a set of 12 to 15. Repeat this cycle three times or as many as you feel comfortable doing.

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  • Mountain Climbers

    Similar to couch climbers, mountain climbers are an effective way to get your heart rate up while working your core. Start in a similar position to the first exercise, but this time keep both arms extended. Bring your right knee up and into your chest, straighten. Then do the same movement on the other side. Keep rotating between your right and left knee at a quick pace until it feels like you're “running” in place. Perform the exercise for 60 seconds and then rest.

  • Tricep Dips

    tricep dips

    A fun way to work out your arms and chest, tricep dips are a simple bodyweight exercise that can be done while you watch your favorite TV show. Scootch your bottom to the edge of the couch cushion and then place your hands your hands shoulder-width apart on the seat. Slide your bottom off the seat completely and then extended your legs, bend your arms and lower your body towards the floor until your arms come to a 90 degree angle. Once your bottom has come to its lowest point, press up with your arms and slide your bottom back onto the couch. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps and do two to three sets.

  • Sofa Squats

    iStock/SDI Productions

    Just as effective as a normal squat, this couch-friendly tweak still works out your glutes, but can help if you’d like to challenge yourself to go even lower than usual. Stand about a foot in front of your sofa, feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Drive your hips backwards and down, keeping your back flat and your knees pointed forward. Try not to let your knees surpass your toes. Lower until your bottom slightly grazes the couch and then return to standing, flexing your glutes as you push up. Repeat for two to three seats of 25.

  • Single-Leg Lunges

    Another body-weight exercise that will work your glutes, hamstrings, and thighs. Stand about a foot in front of your sofa, but drive one leg back and rest its toe of the sofa. Bend the knee of your other leg and lower your standing leg until your upper leg is parallel to the floor. Keep in mind to not let the knee of your standing leg surpass your toes and keep your chest and back straight. Once you’ve lowered as far as you can go, return to standing by straightening your leg and then switch legs. Try 20 lunges on each side and then repeat for two to three sets.

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