5 Ways To Stay Active in Cool Weather


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By Genny Glassman

Let’s face it -- exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea. In the summer you have so many different ways to stay active, whether that be hiking, jogging, or even chasing after your kids at the beach. But we all know that it gets harder to stay motivated once the days get shorter and the color of the leaves begin to change. If you're trying to increase your winter weight loss or want to keep active even when temperatures start to dip, there are many ways to meet your goals. 

Some people turn to the gym to keep active, but there are plenty of other solutions for people who can’t stand the treadmill or want an inexpensive way to exercise. If you’ve never picked up a set of weights before or would like to begin a fall fitness plan, you might want to turn to a personal coach to help guide you through finding the right program for you. (We like Noom.) Or try one of the following ways to keep your blood pumping even when it gets cold.

  • Join a gym.

    women exercising

    It might seem obvious, but there is a reason why so many people turn to gym memberships as a way to exercise. Of course, not all gym programs are equal and memberships can range in price from affordable to very expensive, but with a little research you are sure to find a gym that works for you. 

    There are different types of gyms, which means that if you aren’t interested in running or lifting weights, a yoga studio might suit you better. Or why not check out a regimented program such as CrossFit or Orange Theory? Just make sure to find a location that is convenient and offers a cold weather exercise that you like -- Noom has a good list of beginner exercises if you’re looking for a place to start.

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  • Try some cold weather sports.

    ice skating

    It might seem like the fun is over once summer is gone, but trust us, there are still ways to keep in shape no matter what season it is. Long before the weather gets unbearable and even throughout the winter season, there are many ways to keep active outside. In fall, the crisp air makes it the perfect time to take a run through the park, and as we head toward winter, there are many winter sports to pick up as a hobby such as ice skating or skiing. Remember: The more you exercise outside, the warmer you’ll be.

  • Play outside with your kids.

    mom playing with son

    Kids play outside all year long. Whether they are hitting the field with their soccer teams or pulling on their long johns to head outside for a snowball fight, the cold weather provides a good opportunity to let out your inner child. Take a note from your little ones and head outside when they do -- it’s not only a good way to get in some much-needed athletics, but you’ll also definitely be spending more time with your kids.

  • Go digital.

    woman exercising

    The internet brings us so many gifts (hello, Netlix!), but one of the many things it allows us to do is stream classes at home for free. If you’ve decided that going outside for daily exercise is out of the question, a fun, engaging exercise class is as close as a search on YouTube. There you can find hundreds of free exercise classes such as yoga, cardio, HIIT, or almost any other class you can think of. To get started, why not try this free kettlebell workout provided by Noom? All you’ll need is a kettlebell, but the entire program can be done from your living room. Easy!

  • Make your errands count. 

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    If you’re really crunched for time and don’t want to brave the cold weather, it’s still important to make good choices. Staying active during the fall can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking slightly farther away from your destination so you can get in a walk. Some malls even have walking groups and open early in the morning to people in the community. All it really takes is making smart, simple decisions, and you’ll be keeping fit all winter long.

    For more tips for staying in shape, visit Noom.com.

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