15 Friendship Milestones

Nancy Barber | Sep 17, 2019 Healthy Living
15 Friendship Milestones
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15 Friendship Milestones

Strong friendships are important for everyone. Not only can they help extend our lives (seriously!), they can also help us have fun while living -- and can make our lives considerably richer and better. Especially with our closest friends, certain milestones show the strength of our bond (and all of the time we've been friends -- whether that's just a few months or years). When times are tough, our friends are there to help us through them, offering boxes of tissues, marathons of dumb TV, and meals filled with fillers and empty carbs -- hey, we all need those sometimes. And when times are good, they're the people we celebrate big life milestones with, accomplishments, and awards. So whether it's a first vacation together or a first fight, these moments help define who we are together. 

Of course, sometimes it's hard to make friends to begin with. We know that making and maintaining friendships is especially difficult for people who have had to move a lot as an adult. Sometimes it feels like everyone else around us has had the same great friend group since forever, and we're out in the cold since we've moved, and so have our friends -- who often live state or even countries away. For anyone looking to develop new friendships at this stage in life, check out some ways to make friends

Of course, being a mom is a new challenge for friendships. Some friendships grow stronger, while others falter. Whatever happens, motherhood will change those friendships.Then there's the issue of how to tell if the friendship is real. Sometimes, we make friends through circumstances that mean they're people we wouldn't necessarily have a deep, committed bond with otherwise -- and that can be OK, but how do we know if it's completely real? 

  • First Friend Date

    First Friend Date

    We might not all remember it, but we all know it, right? It’s when that first, initial plan to do something together started this important friendship. It's great to look back on that time -- when no one knew that a best friendship was being made.

  • First Night Out Partying

    First Night Out Partying

    Whatever kind of night out it was, we’re guessing it was a memorable one. Heading out for a night on the town with a best pal is definitely a bonding experience. No matter what, it's a great time -- whether or not we remember a lot about it.

  • First Fight

    First Fight

    The first time really disagreeing is a monumental occasion -- and losing one's temper with someone who is not family for the first time can be a weird situation. Hopefully, good friends are able to navigate it with grace. People disagreeing is not an uncommon occurrence, but it's what happens afterward that matters. Friendships can be made stronger after getting through a first fight (so long as nobody wishes to never see each other again).

  • First Time Traveling Together

    First Time Traveling Together

    It can be nerve-wracking to travel, let alone travel with someone new for the first time. Fingers crossed that it was smooth sailing, but no matter what kind of travel it was -- a simple day trip or an extensive vacation -- it's one that is hopefully filled with fun memories of time well-spent. Laughter, tears, eating, drinking ... what more do friends want? 

  • First Heartbreak

    First Heartbreak

    Is a friend who won't comfort us through heartbreak truly a friend? Everyone's lives can be hectic, but it's the ones who prioritize us that we can count on. So, whether it's handing us a box of tissues as we sob about lost love or sending a text at 3 a.m. that says, "Just thinking about you," find the friends who will do those things. Support is important -- especially when our heart is breaking.

  • First Time Meeting Their Family

    First Time Meeting Their Family

    It's like meeting the in-laws, except even more pressure! Meeting a friend's family can be a defining moment in the friendship. If they don't like us, then what? Stressful, to say the least! Keep a cool head, and hopefully the introduction goes perfectly. Then, we can end up with a second family that loves us as if we were always a part of their brood.

  • First Struggle

    First Struggle

    People who stay by our side during a difficult time are the ones to count as true friends. We could have missed out on a job opportunity or experienced an illness in the family. The turmoil that we experience in these moments can often be alleviated by a kind word from a friend. Knowing that someone cares about us and is concerned about our well-being is a wonderful thing.

  • First Moment of Triumph

    First Moment of Triumph

    Whether it's getting a job or getting engaged, we know exactly who we want to call in those important "good news" moments. It's the one person whose opinion we really want to hear. It's that person -- the one who will celebrate victories as if they were our own. The first time we share good news with him is hopefully not the last.

  • First Binge-Watching Session

    First Binge-Watching Session

    We've all been there, right? We find a show that both of us love -- and instantly bond over it. We become fans of everything about it, and can't wait to talk about it together. But why wait when we can simply watch it together? The first time we plan to binge-watch a show together seems like a strange thing to commemorate, but in today's world of TV habits, it's par for the course.

  • First Harsh Truth

    First Harsh Truth

    It could be something small, such as, "That color looks bad on you" or "Your haircut isn't flattering." It could also be something huge, like, "I don't like your girlfriend" or "You drink too much." It's something that someone probably doesn't want to hear -- and that may be awkward to say. However, overcoming that nervousness and speaking openly is truly a sign of growth. It's a good policy to be direct and honest with each other instead of sniping behind each other's backs or keeping it all bottled in.

  • First 'Silent' Hangout


    Yep, that's when we sat together in silence for the first time. And between us, neither of us felt the need to say anything. That marked the first time that we were both comfortable enough with each other to simply sit together. That's not the case with everyone. We can be around other people and feel as if we have to fill the silence. There can't be a weird pause. Yet, with some people, it's fine for it to happen. Those are the ones that we feel most at peace with and, hopefully, count as our friends.

  • First Inside Joke

    First Inside Joke

    Laughing about something stupid that makes no sense to an outsider is a quintessential friendship milestone. The context can be about absolutely anything, and the joke can be completely nonsensical. Those people who appreciate each other's sense of humor and find the same things entertaining are the ones who have found a true friend.

  • First Overly Long Phone Call

    First Overly Long Phone Call

    We love a phone call or Skype session about utter nonsense that goes on for way too long ... but really doesn't say all that much. Maybe the call originally started with a purpose in mind, but the conversation completely derailed after that. Both parties might have had other things to accomplish, but neither one  wanted to stop talking. That's the sign of a true friendship.

  • First Time Borrowing From Each Other

    First Time Borrowing From Each Other

    Being entrusted with one another's belongings is a big step. It's the simple act of sharing that makes a friendship feel important. Nobody would let a stranger on the train borrow their favorite bag, would they? A friend has earned our trust, and we reward him with our stuff. Hopefully, he feels the same way... and lets us borrow what we need, as well.

  • First Time 'Sitting'

    First Time 'Sitting

    Whether it's babysitting, pet sitting, or house sitting, there was a time when we needed someone to help us out. And usually, we turn to our friends first. Who else would we entrust with the most important parts of our life? We let her into our home and trust that it's still going to be standing when we return. It's a high level of trust to place in someone, and friends are the ones who can reach it.

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