15 Things To Do With Friends

Nancy Barber | Sep 12, 2019 Healthy Living
15 Things To Do With Friends
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15 Things To Do With Friends

Everyone has busy lives, and maintaining friendships can be difficult -- especially for friends who don't live close to each other. But friends are an important source of support. Especially if we're not close to our families (or we don't have large families ourselves), our friends are the folks who consistently lift us up as well as keep us grounded. They're our first phone call after a break-up, the first people we go to with news, the people we genuinely celebrate when they have big successes, and the folks who are always there for us when we are hurting. What would we do without them? But sometimes, our routines with friends can fall into a rut -- and be less exciting. Brunch is fine, but is that all there is? Instead of letting time get away from us (or let distance drive us apart) why not connect through these fun, friendship-building activities?

And if we're at a place in our lives where it's time to meet some new friends -- say, most of our friends don't have kids and we do -- it can be especially daunting to figure out how to build those relationships. Of course, we want to stay friends with everyone we already love, but the truth is, we could use the special support of other mom friends. However, as everyone knows, mom friends are the hardest friends to make. That said, there are some great ways to do it, especially in this modern age of swiping right. Check out some apps to meet mom friends to make something admittedly super difficult a little less hard -- and more convenient. For people struggling to figure out how to meet new friends of all stripes -- not just friends -- and keep them around, check out 15 Ways to Make Friends & Keep Them. And for anyone looking to commemorate a true friendship, take a peek at some BFF tattoos.

  • Revisit Meaningful Places

    Revisit Meaningful Places

    If the friendship has a long history, then revisit some of those old haunts from back in the day. For friends who went to school together, swing by and see if it still looks the same. For besties who used to climb trees together in a park, go back and try to reach the highest branch again. Had a favorite bar together in college? Spend a night there, and laugh about all the silly college students.

  • Cook Together

    Cook Together

    It doesn't matter if everyone in the room is terrible at cooking or baking -- give it a try. Nobody knows what masterpiece (or monstrosity) it's possible to produce. It's about time spent together and having a chance to work alongside one another. Hopefully, the food is edible -- but if all else fails, it's OK to order out. 

  • Get Outdoors

    Get Outdoors

    It can be a casual stroll through city streets, or a long walk on a nature path. No matter the location, the emphasis is getting outdoors together. It doesn't have to be strenuous exercise, and speaking to each other isn't even mandatory. Just walk in companionable silence, and that's OK, too. But this can become a time when opening up and sharing some intense conversations is also OK. Either way, spending time outside with a friend is all that matters.

  • Work Out Together

    Work Out Together

    On the other hand, sometimes it's good to exercise together. Sign up for a dance or exercise class, or hit the gym after work. Plan a Saturday to include a hike or a long bike ride, or join a recreational sports team. Whatever the activity, commit to doing one together ... so suffering (and celebrating) happens together, too. 

  • Do Errands Together

    Do Errands Together

    Kill two birds with one stone -- everyone has errands to run anyway, and it's possible to do it with a buddy. This only works for friends who live close by, so appreciate when a friend is a only a short walk or drive away. Take advantage of the closeness to do something simple and mundane.

  • Start a Book Club

    Start A Book Club

    For friends who live far away from each other, it's still possible to find activities to do together. For instance, find a book and start a mini book club. Even for friends who live far away from each other, it's possible to still enjoy each other's opinions and bond over a book discussions. Whether it's communicated via text, email, or set aside time each week to dive in for a lengthy phone call or video chat, it's worth having something to share and experience together.

  • Plan a Day Trip

    Plan A Day Trip

    When the distance between friends is such that it's difficult to make frequent plans, set up day trips instead. Find a halfway point and meet in the middle. Plan daylong outings for one weekend every month so that there's something to look forward to (and so there's always a date on the calendar).

  • Watch a TV Show Together

    Watch A TV Show Together

    Watch episodes every week when they air. Granted, not many people watch television live anymore, so viewing at another time is most likely what will happen. But it's easy to coordinate schedules so both parties are watching an episode at the same time -- and then it's possible to live-text all those thoughts and reactions to each other.

  • Volunteer Together

    Volunteer Together

    Take part in a local community event, or spend time together volunteering. Love of animals? Lend some time to an animal rescue center. Love being outdoors as much as possible? Join a group dedicated to park cleanup projects. There are plenty of ways to give back -- while enjoying each other's company.

  • Play Games

    Play Games

    Games aren't just for kids. Grab a deck of cards and play rummy -- or crack open a board game and tackle that instead. Or even dive into a video game together. The game can be anything, as long as it's enjoyed together.

  • Take a Trip

    Take A Trip

    Go on vacation together -- at least once. Whether it's a beach trip for the weekend or a two-week excursion in South America, the chance to experience a new place together is not to be missed. It's a great way to make memories together that will last a lifetime. Traveling can be difficult and stressful, but having a friend along can (hopefully) add a little humor to any hiccups.

  • Go Out To Eat

    Go Out To Eat

    Treat each other to a nice meal. Take turns picking out a restaurant, and enjoy a great meal together while catching up. Challenge each other to not even touch those phones until leaving the restaurant.

  • Work on a Project Together

    Work on A Project Together

    Wrangle a friend into getting involved on a project. Whether it's cleaning out the hall closet or organizing all of those digital photos, pick something off that to-do list. And, in turn, offer to help the friend with her own project. Everyone will feel like something was accomplished -- without sacrificing the opportunity to hang out together.

  • Listen To Music

    Listen To Music

    Dig through the old music collection. In a box stuffed somewhere in a closet, there's bound to be a stack of CDs that have not seen the light of day in a long time. Pull them out from wherever they might be hiding, and have a listening session with a friend. It's a great way to rediscover songs and wax nostalgic.

  • Stay In Touch

    Stay In Touch

    It can be hard, and everyone is busy with their own lives, but a friendship not tended to is often lost. It might not be every day or even every week, but regular communication is key to maintaining friendships. Make an effort to stay in touch, and friends will feel valued.

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