20 Things For Mamas-To-Be To Do While on Bed Rest

Mandy Velez | Jul 19, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Things For Mamas-To-Be To Do While on Bed Rest
Image: @barrelofthelens via Twenty20

@barrelofthelens via Twenty20

Bed rest is a term that's used a lot among expecting women. It's a thing that's either dreaded or not quite understood. We did research and have defined bed rest as a medically prescribed time for women who for, multiple reasons, may have a high-risk pregnancy and may need to limit activity. Some conditions that usually go with bed rest are high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, placenta issues, incompetent cervix, or a preterm labor risk. There's also different forms of bed rest that range from a literal mandate to stay in bed to lowering physical activity. Lots of women fear it because no one likes to be told they can't live their lives normally. Having to go on bed rest while also caring for a toddler or other kids? It's even harder. The best case scenario is for mom-to-be to have support.

The good news? There are ways to cope with being on bed rest at any level. After thinking of some ways to keep mom busy, the basic answer is simple. Treat bed rest as like an extended airplane ride, but instead of being in a seat, it's in the home. Stock up on DVDs, snacks, comfy pillows and more. It's good to keep personal information nearby as not to exert too much energy grabbing it when needed. Of course, this isn't always enough. It's pretty hard to just tell someone to essentially stay put until further notice, so we thought up some meaningful and safe activities for bed rest mamas to do. From Netflix to bullet journaling, embrace this time as the chance to do all the things most people feel guilty for taking the time to do. Other moms have been there and made it out OK. It'll be over soon this time, too. Hang in there and stock up on all the items below!

  • Play Phone Games

    phone game
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    Phone games are the most obvious thing to do (hey, Words with Friends!) but there's a ton out there that are actually useful. Learn some words in a new language with Duolingo or go to Hogwarts with the Hogwarts Mystery app.

  • Look Up Houses for Sale Online

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    House hunting for most people is fun. It satisfies curiosity seeing other people's houses, but it's also fun to dream, right? On bed rest, take full advantage.

  • Binge Watch a Show

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    Being forced to not leave a bed or couch is a Netflix, Hulu, or HBO junkie's dream. Finally catch up on a favorite show or two, or three!

  • Journal About the Pregnancy

    bullet journal
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    Creativity can often get pushed to the back burner in life's busy moments like having a baby. Take advantage of the time and de-stress by journaling -- with words or with images in a bullet journal.

  • Find Some Recipes to Try

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    Dinner is usually last-minute for lots of people, but for those with time to plan, amazing and yummy meals can happen. Poke around for fun recipes to try and if it's cleared by a doctor, feel free to try them out.

  • Create a Design Board on Pinterest

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    Speaking of recipes and planning, Pinterest is one of the best fantasy, planning, or killing time apps. Peruse outfits, create a home decor board, or even a baby outfit ideas board.

  • Start Early on the Baby Book

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    Baby book or scrapbook or anything that can show through words or photos what it was like to experience pregnancy. It could make a fun keepsake for baby to have later in life.

  • Start a Blog

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    Moms experience things that others don't and their experiences are valid -- and make great blogs. Create a place to share personal experiences or keep it private but still have a place to write out thoughts and feelings.

  • Plan the Baby Shower or Baby's Room

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    Remember that Pinterest point? Use it now to plan what baby's room will look like. Or just poke around decor and baby sites to find items needed to make the room complete.

  • Get the Hospital Bag Ready

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    Don't wait until the last minute. Check out resources for what moms usually need to pack for their baby's birth and little by little try to get things together. 

  • Invite a Friend or Family Member Over

    hands on baby belly
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    Sometimes, company is all that's needed to make the house feel less lonely. And it helps to pass the time too. If stuck on bed rest, ask friends and family members to pop by and do it guilt-free. Remember, this is a big deal for mom, too! 

  • Read a Good Book

    reading a book
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    Finally! Time to read that book that's been sitting on the shelf. It'll feel good to start one but it'll also occupy a lot of free time. Plus, once the baby is here, keeping eyes open long enough to read a paragraph will be tough. 

  • Finally Put Those Photos in Frames

    picture frames
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    This is an unusual one, but if photos have yet to be put into frames to decorate the house, now could be the time. Or just wait until a loved one comes over and get some help with it.

  • Do Light Cleaning or Organizing (If Doctor Clears It)

    cleaning supplies
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    If a doctor allows for a little more activity than straight bed-only bed rest, take the time to dust or other light cleaning activities. Lots of people may think it's a chore but it's a good way to work off anxiety.

  • Do a Face Mask 

    face mask
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    Face masks are always put as the answer to everything: something to do to relax or something to do when bored. But it's the truth. Face masks are perfect for lounging around at home and they have an added benefit of making the face feel and look refreshed.

  • File Nails or Put on Classy Stick-Ons

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    To avoid harsh chemicals, use glue-on or stick-on nails. Who says moms-to-be can't look their best in the nail department? Plus, it'll be a great opportunity to experiment with style. 

  • Master Different Braid Techniques

    braid hair
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    Braiding the hair back will keep it out of the face during labor and birth. Practice some techniques just in case there's no one around to help do it.

  • Do Some Adult Coloring

    coloring book
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    Adult coloring is another anxiety-reducing activity, and for good reason. It requires little energy and it can feel fulfilling when a picture is complete.

  • Curate a Birth Playlist

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    Not all hospitals will allow music, but if labor is happening in a chill hospital or at home, bed rest time is an opportunity to curate the relaxing music.

  • Do Lots of Crossword Puzzles

    crossword puzzle
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    Crossword puzzles are equal amounts difficult and fun. Pour some water or break out a snack and get to crackin'. There's books dedicated just for these things, but the New York Times has an app just for their crossword section.

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