20 Girls Day Activities to Try Before the Kids Get Back From Camp

Mandy Velez | Jul 15, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Girls Day Activities to Try Before the Kids Get Back From Camp
Image: @mreyz via Twenty20

@mreyz via Twenty20

It's July, which means that if kids are at camp, the house is quiet and calm. Moms packed them and their camp items up and sent them off to enjoy their summer. Of course, camp is mainly for kids. They get to stay active and hang around others their own age. But camp is for parents, too. Moms can catch up on the things that are kinda hard to do with tiny humans around. Laundry takes less time. Dinner doesn't have to be mac and cheese three days in a row. Get the picture? Another perk of camp: having the time to practice self-care and have fun.

Self-care can look like many things. It can look like face masks or catching up on sleep. But it can also look like spending quality time with loved ones and friends. Catch our drift? When kids are away, it's optimal time for ladies' days or nights. These days can happen when the children are home, yes. But it's different then. When kids are home, there's babysitters to find and hangovers to avoid -- unless having a pounding headache while trying to get the little ones out the door in a rush sounds manageable (Spoiler alert: it isn't.) 

So this is why kid-free days make for prime Mom Time Out. No sitters to find or kids to rush home to. There's paint and sip nights, cooking classes, and wine tasting to enjoy. If time is a factor, there's no shame in a coffee date game. Enjoy every second, moms, because winter, aka the school year, is coming. Literally.

  • Do a Spa Day

    spa day
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    Spa days are classic activities for women, but that's because they're awesome. A facial doesn't take long but it's a long enough pampering session to feel refreshed.

  • Get Massages

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    Massages feel amazing, but the fact the people can go and get them together make them a great ladies' day activity. Let go of stress and tension before the school year comes around.

  • Cheer on the Local Team

    baseball game
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    Baseball games and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Enjoy a game with fellow adults who won't ask for ice cream in the middle of an inning.

  • Book a Paint & Sip Night

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    Paint and sips are fun events easily found for discounted rates on Groupon. A smaller or larger group can go and attendees can relax, sip wine or a beverage of their choice, and paint a pretty picture.

  • See a Movie

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    Yes, going to the movies is an activity that can happen with or without kids, but this is the chance to see something other than a PG movie. Hit up the convenience store as a group for all of the snacks.

  • Throw a Wine & Cheese Night

    wine and cheese night
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    Wine and cheese is always a good idea. Invite friends over and throw on a movie at home, or a show like The Bachelorette, and snack away. 

  • Go on a River Cruise

    river cruise
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    River cruises offer beautiful views in a fun atmosphere. Book one online for the upcoming weekend.

  • Enjoy a Good Dinner

    burger and fries
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    Going out to dinner is a classic group activity but it's a yummy choice. Plus, there's no need to worry about any meltdowns or kids menus.

  • Go for Brunch

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    More into breakfast? Live like those pre-baby days and wake up late but still have time for eggs Benedict. 

  • Attend a Beverage Tasting

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    Wine tastings are the ideal situation. A big group goes and discovers new flavors of a beverage of choice, from wine to rum or whiskey, and may come away a little tipsy in the process. Bottoms up!

  • Two Words: Karaoke Night

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    Karaoke is the perfect place to put worries aside and have a fun, kid-free night. Sing along with the ladies to songs that no kid born in the last 10 years will be able to appreciate.

  • Schedule a Coffee Date

    coffee date
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    For those who don't drink alcohol, coffee dates are satisfying alternatives. They're more laid-back and relaxed, setting a precedent for the headspace mom should be in.

  • Buy Tickets to a Summer Concert

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    Plenty of artists tour and put on great shows. Find a group and get tickets to one. Or head to a live band night at a local bar.

  • Soak Up the Sun at the Beach

    beach trip
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    If the ladies are lucky enough to all live near a beach, what is everyone waiting for? Get out there with some snacks, drinks, and a good book.

  • Plan a Weekend Getaway

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    Want to really enjoy kid-free time? Book a week or weekend getaway with the gals and explore a new city.

  • Attend a Cooking Class

    cooking class
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    Cooking classes are perfect single or group activities and everyone gets a delicious meal out of it. Choose a savory class or a sweet baking class.

  • Just Go Shopping at the Mall

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    Throw it back to high school days and hit up the mall. Sure, as a mom, this place is frequented often, but without kids? Yes, that's what we thought. Have fun.

  • Have a Craft Day (or Attend a Ceramics Class)

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    Crafting is a great stress reliever and something unusual to do with friends. Grab the most creative ones and plan an at-home craft session or head to a pottery shop.

  • Host a Book Club

    book club
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    Take advantage of a quiet house to both read a book and host a book club there while the children are away. The perk of this activity is it can continue throughout the year as the group can meet in any public space. 

  • Go Dancing

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    Dancing is the best. Some moms don't have time for it anymore, so take advantage of the kids being away, and hit the dance floor.

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