20 Active Outdoor Activities That Moms-to-Be Can Do Comfortably This Summer

Mandy Velez | Jul 11, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Active Outdoor Activities That Moms-to-Be Can Do Comfortably This Summer
Image: @marinatolk via Twenty20

@marinatolk via Twenty20

A mom-to-be will either love or hate being pregnant in the summer. It can be rough because being hot is already a symptom of pregnancy. Should one add sweltering summer heat to mix? Forget it. We suppose on the flip side it could be nice because there's no need to trudge through snow with a belly or wear a million layers on top of it. But no matter how a mom-to-be feels, there are ways to make the summer pregnancy experience survivable. For starters, stocking up on sunscreen, loose-fitting clothing, and a personal fan is a good start -- as are comfortable pillows and smoothie makers. After the necessities are taken care of (yes, those are necessities), moms-to-be are free to have all the fun. Because it is possible to have fun while being safe during pregnancy.

Now, let's not get it twisted: pregnant women can do lots of fun things and it's up to them and their doctors to determine that. They are capable of travel, exercise, and generally speaking, living their best lives. But remember now, it's summer! And that means there are lots of activities happening outside, sometimes as a group with others. Whether a mom-to-be needs to know if it's OK to tag along, need ideas, or if her friends and family need ideas on things she can participate in, we've compiled a list of options. It includes higher-energy activities like dancing and running. (P.S. Pregnant women can still run, according to research). There's also lower-impact activities that are still outdoors and fun that anyone, pregnant or not, will enjoy. We're talking fruit picking adventures to outdoor movie nights.

Pick a fun thing and get to enjoying summer! Sooner than later, the baby will be able to join in, too.

  • Go for a Hike

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    Hiking is a great activity for both pregnant and non-pregnant folks because it takes some effort, but it can be done at almost any pace. The views while doing it are a bonus.

  • Go Swimming

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    Swimming is lauded as the safest exercise for most people who may be pregnant or have other disabilities as it's low impact. Luckily, lots of other people also enjoy swimming.

  • Watch an Outdoor Movie

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    Throw it back with a drive-in or attend a movie-in-the-park or at a lake or pool. It's entertainment that can be enjoyed outdoors. It doesn't get much better than this!

  • Do Some Light Gardening

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    Gardening may seem like work for some, but being around plants and in the sunshine seems exciting to us. Plus, it is a nice little workout to feel accomplished.

  • Attend an Outdoor Yoga Class

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    Yoga is relaxing and there's lots of classes offered in outdoor areas. Light weightlifting is also an exercise deemed OK for most pregnant women. 

  • Paddleboard

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    Paddleboarding is for those who don't mind pushing the outdoor activity limits. But although it's a water sport, technically, it's not too risky for those paddling for two.

  • Go Fishing

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    Women can fish, too. It's relaxing and when a fish is caught, it's gratifying. Plus, older kids can participate.

  • Geocache

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    Geocaching is a smart option for those who like to explore. It can be done pregnant or not pregnant, but participants can choose the difficulty level.

  • Go on a Picnic

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    Picnics are and will always be an awesome summer outdoor activity. There's relaxing and eating and for mom, mocktails. 

  • Take a Long Walk

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    Taking a long walk, or sitting out by the ocean or lake and just chatting can really boost a mood. All it takes is getting outside.

  • Play Carnival Games

    duck pond game
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    While roller-coasters aren't doable while pregnant, carnival games are an underrated activity. Play alone or with others and win cool prizes. Don't tell everyone: the best prize is the baby-to-be.

  • Rock Out at an Outdoor Concert

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    Rock on, mama. Outdoor concerts are everywhere during the summer. Some are more low-key than others, but pick one and get to listening!

  • Explore a Botanical Garden

    botanical garden
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    Botanical gardens have an array of beautiful flowers and trees that aren't in bloom all year. Take advantage of the season with a casual stroll through it all.

  • Visit a Zoo or Animal Sanctuary

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    Animal lovers, this one is perfect to keep everyone in the family engaged. All that is involved is some walking.

  • Go Camping

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    There's nothing truly unsafe about camping. Stay in a cabin or tent and relax surrounded by nature. 

  • Watch a Baseball Game

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    Baseball! An activity that can be both outside and done while sitting. Just bring a hat and wear sunscreen if it's a day game. Also, one word: tailgate. 

  • Go for a Run!

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    As mentioned above, running is something that pregnant women can do unless their doctor tells them it isn't safe. If an all-out run isn't manageable, a jog will do.

  • Go Fruit Picking

    fruit picking
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    Strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry seasons all fall during the summer. Make a day of it with friends or family and reap the sweet, sweet rewards later. 

  • Find an Outdoor Dancing Class

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    Dancing is also totally safe and fun for pregnant women to do. Find an outdoor class or just crank up the music at a picnic. 

  • Attend a Food Festival

    food trucks
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    Our personal favorite activities are ones that involve food. Being able to go outside and eat? Even better. Look up any local food trucks, festivals, or farmers markets open for the summer.

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