Apparently Every Woman Has the Same 'Boob Freckle' & Ladies Are Convinced It's Legit

Twitter user shares photos of her wrist and boob freckle.

Every now and then there's a weird little factoid that floats around Twitter and collectively blows everyone's mind. And boy, have we got one for you this week. Or at least, we've got one for us women, who -- according to people (aka questionable sources) on the Internet -- all have two freckles in two very specific places: on our wrists and on our boobs. 

  • It all started two weeks ago, when people began talking about the freckle on the wrist phenomenon.

    "Ladies .... " tweeted one user, "u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao."

    At first, everyone was all, "Ha ha! Good joke. Tell another."

    But then they checked. And woah. WOAH.

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    Right away, people's minds were blown. 

    "WHAT. THE. F.?" tweeted one person. "Both arms!"

  • Aaaaand then they got spooked.

    "Why do I feel like I never had this freckle until I read this tweet," wrote another.

    "It's the matrix ..." wrote one woman, "it['s] observing ..."

  • But then things got even weirder, when people started pointing out that the wrist freckle isn't the only one we share.

    Apparently, women also tend to have a freckle in the same spot on their boob? Specifically, their left boob.

  • Say whatttt?

    "I have the Big Dipper!" wrote one user.

    "I'm tripping cos I do too," wrote another.

  • Plenty of Twitter users did note that they didn't actually have the freckle, but they made up a small fraction of those who were tweeting about it.

    Others commented that their boob freckle was on the opposite side as their wrist freckle. (Even more curious.)

  • Still, the jury's out on why so many people are finding freckles in the same spots, though it may have to do with similarities in skin pigmentations.

    To get to the bottom of this whole "freckle phenomenon," Time consulted Dr. Joyce Park, a board-certified dermatologist in the San Francisco Bay area. 

    She apparently thought the whole thing was rather humorous, but ultimately said there's a relatively simple explanation for it all.

    “Freckles are basically areas of the skin where you have more pigment or melanin deposition from UV radiation,” she told Time. “The forearms, the wrists and the hands are really common spots to get that exposure. If you think about it, when you’re driving, that side of your wrist and hand are just constantly being exposed to sunlight, even if you’re wearing sleeves.”

  • Okay sure, fineeee. But then what about our boobs??

    Time doesn't seem to have questioned Park on the whole boob thing, but she did say that in general, we often forget to apply sunscreen in the same places, which could lead to more freckles or sun spots.

    Hmmm ... OK, but we still think it's weird.

    Whatever the case, it's kinda nice to think there's one thing that unites us all ... even if it is a random boob freckle.