20 Things Moms Who Host a Lot of Playdates Need In Their Life

Mandy Velez | Jun 3, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Things Moms Who Host a Lot of Playdates Need In Their Life
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Playdates are inevitable when raising children, yet there's plenty of different opinions on them. For some moms it's an opportunity to socialize with another parent. For others it's to get their own kids out of the house or take their child somewhere new. For some, it's an excruciating experience for reasons including but not limited to having to talk to other parents (hey, introverts) to seeing other parenting styles to dealing with wild kids who aren't theirs. Plenty of moms have horror stories to tell. Seriously, one mom revealed how a mom came over for a playdate and completely conked out (yep, she took a nap.) Not that we blame her, but yeah. Another mom said an R-rated movie was playing when she arrived. Yikes!

To make things a little easier, or bearable, depending on how one looks at it, we tried to find some goodies moms who embark on a lot of playdates, or host them, will enjoy. It's a bit difficult as playdates can take place in multiple forms: at home, alone or with other parents or in a neutral setting, like the park. For this reason, we tried to find items that worked for moms at all or any one of these locations. What we came up with was travel mugs, wine sippy cups, calendars, leggings with pockets and more. 

These items will come in handy whether mama's sitting on the floor (and needs comfort) with another mom (and needs comfort -- see: wine sippy cup) to when she's sitting at the playground alone while the kids run around and play. That's where a hat or sunscreen would come in. 

What matters is that mamas have the tools they need to make it through the date, whether it's an hour or a full day (bless them). While she doesn't need anything in particular, having one of the cute little gifts below will definitely help. The only thing we couldn't provide is a "no more playdates" card. That doesn't exist just yet, but if it does, we'll be the first to let everyone know.

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  • Water Bottle With Phone Sleeve


    Staying hydrated is easier with a water bottle, but freeing up important hand-space as a mom? Not so much. Store a phone in this water bottle that comes with a sleeve to hold onto both securely while driving or outdoors.  

    Water Bottle with Phone Sleeve ($15, Uncommon Goods)

  • Women's Wide Brim Fedora


    Get a hat to protect from the UV rays on the way to the park playdate with this wide-brimmed fedora. It's functional and stylish (to go with the likely casual jeans and a tee look.)

    Women's Wide Brim Fedora ($10, Walmart)

  • Silicone Jelly Quartz Sports Watch


    Time flies when moms are driving kiddos around town or shuffling them to playdates. This sports watch will make it easier to keep track of time, and keep up with the active demands of "running around" to wherever.

    Silicone Jelly Quartz Sports Watch ($7, Walmart)

  • 'Sorry We Can't Play' Sign


    Save the trip to the door when little ones from the neighborhood come knocking to play. Get this "Sorry we can't play" sign for the mama whose house is visited too often.

    "Sorry We Can't Play" Sign ($15, CricketandSix/Etsy)

  • Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen


    Sunscreen should be an everyday product for everyone, but moms for moms-on-the-go, especially. This Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen provides UV-protection with an SPF of 30 and is nourishing as well.

    Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen ($19, Sephora)

  • Dry-Erase Calendar


    The biggest hurdle to playdates is actually making the dates and then making sure they happen. Keep the schedule down pat with a dry-erase wall calendar that also can be personalized. 

    Dry-Erase Calendar (from $129, circleandsquaredecor/Etsy)

  • Incredible Mom Tank


    The Incredibles is definitely a top-notch movie and makes for an amazing tank top theme. Mom will be able to show off just how super she is. 

    Incredible Mom Tank ($26, Target)

  • Contigo Marble Travel Mug


    No matter if mom is bopping around the house or headed to another location, she deserves to have her coffee with her and not worry about spillage. That's possible (and warm!) with a travel mug like this stainless steel one from Contigo.  

    Contigo Marble Travel Mug ($18, Amazon)

  • Athleta Stellar Tight


    This one goes without saying, but a person who is caring for more than one kid at a time deserves to be comfortable while doing it. These Stellar Tights from Athleta have a comfortable high rise and  pockets. 

    Athleta Stellar Tight (from $30, Athleta)

  • Insulated Wine Tumbler


    Toddlers aren't the only ones who could use a sippy cup. This wine tumbler comes with a lid and straw for traveling around, in the yard, or around the house (and spill-proof should a football or any other object come flying toward it at any point).

    Insulated Wine Tumbler ($13, Amazon)

  • Personalized Planner


    If a big wall calendar isn't feasible or a good choice for making scheduling notes, this personalized planner might. It's small enough to fit into a purse or tote for casual playdate-checking and planning.

    Personalized Planner (from $17, SimplyNotebooks/Etsy)

  • Marc Jacobs Biker Nylon Backpack


    Going to the park or movies? Moms need a bag, too, and it can be cute. Pack all the essentials --from a wallet to extra sweaters and snacks. 

    Marc Jacobs Biker Nylon Backpack ($195, Bloomingdales)

  • Allbirds Sneakers


    There's a reason Allbirds sneakers seem to be popping up everywhere. Yes, they're comfortable and cute. But they're also a great sneaker with solid support to run point on a bunch of kiddos running around.  

    Allbirds Sneakers ($95, Allbirds)

  • Foster Grant Sunglasses


    Foster Grant sunglasses, or affordable sunglasses in general, are exactly what mama needs to endure the outdoors or drives around town. They protect eyes from the sun, but also transform wearers into celebrities (not really, but a gal can pretend).

    Foster Grant Sunglasses ($30, Foster Grant)

  • Absorbent Dishtowels 


    With kids come messes. A person surrounded by them should equip themselves with absorbent dishtowels, because let's be honest, moms know they're not just for show as cute as they are. Be ready for when someone inevitably spills. 

    Absorbent Dishtowels ($23, Williams Sonoma)

  • Fresh Rose Face Mask


    Mama can't leave the house or go too far when there's young children in it -- so she should do a face mask! This one from Fresh is relaxing while also toning and hydrating the skin. It also smells amazing. After hosting a house full of kiddos, she deserves it.

    Fresh Rose Face Mask ($62, $25 for mini, Sephora)

  • Matte Velvet Scrunchies


    No mom is unaccustomed to throwing her hair back when things get intense. Or just in general? Dress up said messy bun or pony with a cute velvet scrunchie.  

    Matte Velvet Scrunchies ($12, ShopBop)

  • Detachable Car Speakerphone


    Hands-free anything is pretty amazing, especially when one is busy with a few small ones. If the car doesn't already have a hands-free speaker, they're available as an add-on like this one from Hammacher Schlemmer.

    Detachable Car Speakerphone ($80, Hammacher Schlemmer)

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera


    Taking pictures of kids is fun! Moms do it anyway, right? Why not change it up and snap some pics with a Polaroid-style camera. Perhaps the other mom would appreciate a little keepsake, too?

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera ($70, Google Express)

  • Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker


    Obviously, coffee is king, especially when watching someone else's kids. But having a personal coffeemaker comes with another perk: a place to store snacks, just in case hungry bellies find their way into the kitchen after a long day of playing. 

    Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker ($14, Target)

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