One Man's Unending Cold Was Due to a Tooth Growing in His Nose

man sneezing

Every woman on earth knows what it is like dealing with a man who has a cold. It's basically a living hell, and often we dismiss their whining because, frankly, we don't have time for it. However, a man living with cold symptoms for two years actually had a pretty legitimate reason to complain. As it turns out, his runny and blocked nose was due to a super abnormal growth -- a whole tooth sprouted inside his nasal cavity. 

The 59-year-old man headed to a hospital in Denmark after complaining of a constantly runny nose, a loss of a sense of smell, and a runny discharge. A CT scan showed a strange mass in his nose, and he had sinus surgery to have the mass removed. When they examined it, they discovered the mass was in fact a tooth -- a phenomenon that is extremely rare. It's theorized that in this particular case the man experienced “facial trauma” in his youth, which resulted in a broken nose and jawbone that need restructuring. They believe that because of the injury, a tooth was there for longer than the patient felt symptoms.  


However, his is not the only case like this. Check out the footage to get a look at the growth here. But do yourself a favor and don't tell the hubby this is a possibility -- the next thing you know you'll be sitting in the ER for a runny nose. 

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