20 Mother-Daughter 'Date Ideas' to Do for Mother's Day

Mandy Velez | Apr 22, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Mother-Daughter 'Date Ideas' to Do for Mother's Day
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Some folks, namely memes on the Internet, push the idea that fathers should go on a "date" with their daughters. Not in a weird way, but in a way that shows her attention and love. Men should make it a habit in their lives to treat all women, the women in their lives especially, with respect. We hear about this less often with women and their daughters, if at all. But moms should go on dates with their daughters, too. Being busy can make this hard for any parent, but one-on-one time is so important, and there's plenty of fun activities to do. And the best part? There's no age limit. 

Whether it's to treat little girls or one's own mother, having a mom-daughter date is a chance to see what's going on their worlds. Ever notice how a lot of moms are never really discussed when talking about "dates?" Going on one will help them see that mothers don't just take care of things. Or let the dads do all the bonding. They can have fun, too, just like with dad. Plus, there's plenty of dates to be had. My mom and I went to the botanical garden in New York City last week and it was a great time. We chatted about life and got to see some really cool plants, too. Cherry blossom season, for the win. 

There are also zoos to visit, food to eat, picnics to be had, pictures to take, Legos to build, games to play ... the list goes on! Even if there's only an hour to spare in a day, or on a weekend, there's something to do. Take a look at some of the date ideas below and get some mommy-daughter date inspiration. There's lots of fun to be had. 

  • Take a Ceramics Class


    A ceramics class is available in most places, from Color Me Mine to other shops. It also doesn't take too much effort. Just choose a ceramic item to paint and chit-chat while painting. Bonus: Groupon usually has good deals. 

  • Get Blowouts/Hair Braids

    Get blowouts/hair braids

    There's nothing like a blowout or new hairstyle to make a gal feel fresh. Share the freshness by bringing along a mini me. Hit the town or take selfies together afterward. Some salons may even have mother-daughter specials.

  • Embark on a French Fry Crawl

    french fry call

    If eating well and loving food runs in the family, a food tour may be a fun mom-daughter date. Fries are yummy, but there are other sweet and/or savory tours in almost every city. Choose the one that fits her heart's desire. 

  • Eat a Pancake Brunch


    Pancakes are always a good idea. Visit iHop or another pancake eatery and order something adventurous. Then try each others! Nothing bonds people like pancakes, amirite?

  • Have a Tea Party

    tea party

    Have a girls day in. Break out the tea set (or find one at a second-hand store) and grab the cookies. It's an opportunity to spend time together and talk about life. Maybe pretend to be Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

  • Try a Cooking or Baking Class

    Try a cooking or baking class

    Baking or cooking classes teach new skills and mama won't have to worry about cleaning up the kitchen after. Cook along as an instructor helps with a yummy dessert or dinner dish. A quick "kids cooking classes" should bring up age-appropriate schools nearby.

  • Wander Around a Botanical Garden


    As I mentioned above, botanical gardens are not only beautiful to look at, but here serenity brings upon an ultimate calmness in whoever visits. Have some zen time for mom and daughter at a local one.

  • Visit a Museum


    Museums are for learning, so why no learn something new together. There are so many different types of museums to choose from, so options are endless. Don't forget to check for special  exhibits, like mythical creatures or fossil days. 

  • Try a Drive-In or Eat-In Movie

    drive in

    Movies never get old, and there's always something new to watch. Choose to see one in a regular theater, or make it extra special by finding a drive-in or eat-in theater. Bon appétit! 

  • Enjoy a Night at the Theater

    Enjoy a night at the theater

    Really up the theater game, but seeing a play with real, live actors. Broadway shows often visit cities around the country, or look for a community theater production. 

  • Flea Market Shop

    Flea market shop

    Go on a flea market treasure hunt. Mom will have a blast finding something special among the "junk."  Take it a step further and refurbish something together. 

  • Tend a Garden

    Tend a garden

    It's springtime. Recruit her as a flower assistant and turn a gardening day into a date. Pick out the flowers together then get to work. 

  • Volunteer at a Shelter

    Volunteer at a shelter

    There's plenty of opportunities to teach kids how to help others. Turn one of them into a date and volunteer together. Whether it's making crafts to decorate a shelter or nursing home or writing cards, anything helps. Doing it together will make it that much more special.

  • Have a Spa Day

    Have a spa day

    Mother-daughter pampering is the best kind of pampering. Visit a spa and get a facial or a mani-pedi. Bonus points if mom and daughter match! 

  • Go on a Picnic

    Go on a picnic

    If there's a park close by, pack up a basket or bag with the yummiest lunch and snacks. Don't forget a blanket! Sit, eat, and bond while enjoying the great outdoors. 

  • Go Skating

    Go skating

    Get physical! Rent bikes, or hop on the ones in the garage, and head to the park. Sure, exercise is a part of it, but working together to get around on wheels is a bonding experience.

  • Have a Game Night

    game night

    Board games make great date night because they require minimal planning. Just grab the games and start playing. This can also be done with watching a movie or snacking on popcorn. 

  • Buy New Pajamas & Have a Sleepover

    Buy new pajamas and have a sleepover

    Who said moms can't go to sleepovers? Put on the pj's, get some snacks (yes, I really like snacks), and plan other activities. Painting nails, baking, or watching a movie are all classic options.

  • Get Makeup Done

    Get makeup done

    Sephora is the beauty lovers playground. Head over there to ask for samples to take home and play around with. She'll enjoy learning how to put on lipstick, and maybe getting to put it on mom.

  • Go to a Sports Game

    Go to a sports game

    There's nothing like passing on, or sharing, the love of a sport with the most important person in one's life. There's lots of different sports to choose from and it's age-appropriate for any mom and daughter pair. 

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