A 6-Inch Worm Lived In This Poor Woman's Lip & We Just Cannot Even

The Doctors

My first realization that bugs could make their home in a human happened in 2005. My poor, unsuspecting self watched in horror as Melanie revealed to her fellow Real World cast that she had contracted scabies -- an infestation of tiny mites that live in the skin. It quickly snowballed into a deadly fear and slight obsession with human-infesting bugs. Over 10 years later, it still shakes me to my core when I hear about someone who had a living creature (that wasn't you know, a baby) living inside of them. 

So I don't have to suffer alone, I present a case from Russia, where a woman had a roundworm living in her face for two weeks. It's believed she contracted the parasite from a mosquito bite, and it began as a lump on her eyelid. After some time, the lump moved to her cheekbone area. Shortly after, it made its way into her lip, where doctors were finally able to take forceps and extract it from her lip. That's right, the thing crawled throughout her face, and grew up to 6 inches in length. 


To see the horrifying photos for yourself, check out the segment on The Doctors here: 

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