A Gifted Professional Pianist Is Playing the Piano Once Again After Having Her Middle Finger Amputated

playing piano
Inside Edition

Some of us in this life are lucky enough to have talents, but even fewer of us are lucky enough to turn those talents into passionate careers. For anyone in the performing arts arena, accomplishing this is a huge feat and one that isn't taken for granted. So when Sonya Bandouil's music career took a life-changing turn in Boston, she felt at a total loss. 

While strolling with her boyfriend looking for a place to eat in the Boston area, Bandouil was literally crushed by a crumbling building. The accomplished pianist, who traveled the world playing, was injured so badly she was in a coma for two weeks. And when she awoke, she discovered some devastating news: Her middle finger had to be amputated. 


But after tons of physical therapy, she was able to begin focusing on her career once more. Currently she's learning how to "rewire" her brain to accommodate for her missing finger and her first attempt is truly an astounding thing to watch. 

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