After 'Losing' His Mother to Dementia, This Author Turned to Food to Find Answers

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Dementia is a devastating disease. One minute, your loved one is their normal, funny, whip-smart selves, and the next they start complaining about "brain fog." Then suddenly, they can't recall the day of the week, or what year it is, and eventually even who you are. It is a disease that robs us of everything we love about a person -- and what's worse, there is no current cure or aggressive treatment plan.

Nutrition trends expert and Genius Foods author Max Lugavere knows this all too well. Sadly, his mother, at the young age of 58, began showing signs of this gut-wrenching disease and was ultimately diagnosed. So he set out on a mission. It started with a hunch that his mother's diet contributed to her rapid decline. He began poring over medical books, studies, and papers -- so much so he ended up writing Genius Foods, a book all about the foods that supply the brain with nutrients needed to help lower the risk of dementia.

On a segment with The Doctors, Lugavere shared three foods that help, and three foods that can seriously harm. Check out the video below to try his tips, tricks, and even a recipe for more brain-powered food. 

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