Apparently, Certain Yoga Positions Can Cause Strokes

yoga pose

According to a study published in Yoga Journal, roughly 20.4 million Americans practice yoga. There are an array of reasons so many people have latched on to the practice, from maintaining physical health to aiding in mental health. Those millions of Americans are operating at varying skill levels. Some do simple, basic flow positions, while others challenge themselves to practically twist into a pretzel. Whether they are a beginner or a yogi, one thing is for certain -- no one expects yoga to cause a life-threatening situation.

An Instagram influencer and avid yoga enthusiast learned the hard way that yoga can be dangerous. Rebecca Leigh of Gambrills, Maryland, said she suffered a stroke while attempting a particularly tricky yoga pose. She posted on Instagram that she had been doing a challenging move when she felt pain in her neck and head. After two days of feeling "strange" she finally made a trip to the ER, where she learned she had actually suffered a stroke. 

Here's her full story on what happened and how a simple yoga pose caused so much trouble. 
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