Woman Finds a Sharp Metal Hook Sticking Out of Her Tampon & It's Horrifying

hook found in tampon
ABC 13

A woman was shocked and horrified when she went to put in a tampon and discovered that there was apparently a sharp metal hook buried in the cotton. Harmony Grant from Virginia Beach, Virginia, said that at first, it looked like a strange black dot in the middle of the menstruation device, but after picking at it with her fingers she was horrified to see the dot was merely the tip of a hook that could have easily been inserted into her body and caused serious damage. 

  • The surprise discovery was in a Playtex Simple Gentle Glide tampon, according to Grant.  

    The 22-year-old told ABC 13 that she didn't realize what she was seeing at first until she dug further into the tampon. "I couldn’t even tell what it was until I picked at it, and opened up a hook,” she said.

    Instead of fluffy cotton, like most would expect inside a tampon, Grant said the product contained what appeared to be sharp metal coiled in plastic that protruded out. "I was utterly shocked that there was a hook sticking out of a tampon,” she said.

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  • Grant posted about the cringe-worthy find on Facebook and even reached out to Playtex so that no other women would be injured.

    Grant said she contacted the parent company that makes Playtex products, Edgewell Personal Care, who only offered her an apology about her "recent experience" and reimbursement for the box of tampons. The company told her via an email that she could ship the box back to it and would get back the $7 she spent on the box.

    “It was like, completely unacceptable,” she said. “I kind of felt like they brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal. I could have seriously been injured.” 

    ABC 13 reached out to Edgewell Personal Care for a comment. This is the company's response: 

    Once we receive the necessary information we will be able to fully evaluate all details of this report. In the meantime, this one isolated case does not affect other Playtex tampon products, which remain safe to use. The health and safety of the women who use our products is a top priority for Edgewell Personal Care.

  • Grant said that the incident has been so traumatic for her that she no longer wants to use any tampons -- no matter who makes them. 

    She said that before she found the hook, she had used the rest of the box of tampons and will no longer use the product going forward.

    “Honestly, I’m just traumatized about the whole situation," she said. "That could've been potentially very harmful to me, and I just want other women to know things like this are happening.”