20 At-Home Workouts to Help Strengthen Core Muscles

Megan Zander | Jan 28, 2019 Healthy Living
20 At-Home Workouts to Help Strengthen Core Muscles

at home core and ab workouts
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We're in the thick of sweater weather, which means the only core I really care about right now is the custard one inside my Boston Cream doughnut (If it doesn't ooze out on the first bite, there's been a huge mistake, IMO). But the truth is, we shouldn't stop thinking about and working out our core muscles just because it's cold outside and we're not wearing a bathing suit anytime soon. 

Even those of us who aren't huge fans of showing off what we've got going on under our tank tops (raises hand) should carve out some time on the regular to show the core powerhouse muscles some love -- no matter what season it is. After all, having a strong core is about so much more than how we look with our shirts off. 

Our core muscles are sometimes called the "powerhouse." It's a group of nearly 30 muscles that are about so much more than washboard abs. The core includes muscles like the pelvic floor, our obliques, and even some back muscles like the lower lats and rectus abdominis.  

Working to make sure they're strong helps us with functional mobility -- things like lifting heavy grocery bags, twisting from the sink to the dishwasher, holding a baby on our hip and even walking without pain. The more we train them to be strong, the more they help take care of us. 

To help, we've rounded up core workouts for all fitness levels that can be done in our own comfy homes. No matter where we work out, safety is paramount. Be sure to use the right footwear and equipment. Watch that form (keeping the neck safe is super important), especially when doing crunches).  Always use common sense, as all exercises performed are done at the viewer's own risk. As with any exercise program, please check with a doctor before starting. A stronger core, here we come!


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