20 Ways to Work Out Legs at Home

Megan Zander | Jan 23, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Ways to Work Out Legs at Home

at home leg workouts

Whether our closet is a sea of sweatpants for all seasons or we can't wait until summer comes so we can rock a pair of booty shorts, every good workout routine should include days where we do exercises focused on our lower half. 

But finding the time to make it to the gym for a leg-focused workout can be hard when there's so much else packed into our daily schedule. Plus, winter weather and having to clean off the car makes it hard to want to leave the comfort of our warm, cozy houses. 

Luckily, there are tons of great leg workouts to stream at home, and the best part is that they're totally free! There are no-equipment options that can be done anywhere, like in the playroom while watching the kids. Or pick up a resistance band or some free weights for an at-home leg workout that will make it hard to climb stairs tomorrow (but is worth it for those #bootygoals). We've even mixed in a few HIIT and cardio-infused leg workouts, to scorch calories and tone legs at the same time. 

No matter where we get our sweat on, safety should be the most important concern. Be sure to use the right equipment (if the instructor is wearing sneakers, follow that lead!) Watch to be sure form is perfect (when squatting, get that butt back and don't let the knees go over the toes).  Always use common sense, as all exercises performed are done at the viewer's own risk. As with any exercise program, please check with a doctor before starting. Now go work those legs!


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