20 Ten-Minute Arm Workouts To Try at Home

Megan Zander | Jan 25, 2019 Healthy Living
20 Ten-Minute Arm Workouts To Try at Home

10 minute arm workouts
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Although our arms and shoulders are currently buried in warm cozy sweaters and that ratty sweatshirt from college we refuse to toss (it still sparks joy), that doesn't mean we should take a pause on upper body workouts until tank top season is back. 

No one wants to leave the warm house to go to the gym, plus winter weather can stop us even when we're up for getting in the car. Luckily, there are tons of at home options to get our upper body muscles burning (in a good way). 

It can be hard to drum of the motivation to press play on a workout video at home when the couch and Netflix are beckoning. To make it a little easier,  we've rounded up these free workout videos to train the upper body in just 10 minutes. That's shorter than an episode of Friends! Add them on to a dance workout or treadmill walk, or squeeze one in while playing with the kids between laundry loads. 

There are some no-equipment options that can be done anywhere, fun kickboxing arm workouts to help let off some steam, and pilates and yoga-inspired arm workouts that combine getting zen with getting ripped. Each one offers a great 10-minute workout for the arms and upper body. 

No matter where we get our sweat on, being safe matters more than anything else. Use the proper equipment, make sure that form is correct and always let common sense rule, as all exercises performed are done at the viewer's own risk. As with any exercise program, please get an "all clear" from a doctor before starting any fitness program. Now go get those biceps!

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