20 Free At-Home Workouts to Try Right Now

20 Free At-Home Workouts to Try Right Now

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It's the start of a brand new year, which means it's the perfect time to set new health and fitness goals. But getting to the gym to work up a good sweat isn't always easy. There are work schedules and kids pickup and drop-off schedules that don't always line up with taking that afternoon kickboxing class. 

Plus, crazy winter weather means there's no guarantee the gym will be open on planned workout days. And with everyone else who wants to get ripped and ready for summer, a gym can feel too crowded, or have long waits for equipment.

Sure, deciding to put off working out until spring and leaning hard into sweatshirt season with a bag of chips is always an option. But not being able to get to the gym doesn't mean it's impossible to get a great workout. There are free tons of workouts that can be done right from home, and the best part is pants are totally optional. (But don't skip the sneakers unless the video instructor does too -- those ankles need support for jumping!) 

Whether it's a kickboxing workout that leads to shirt-soaking levels of sweat, a mind-body yoga practice to gain flexibility, or strength training moves to get those abs and legs tight and toned, these full-length free at home workouts will get the job done right from the living room. 

At the gym and at home, safety is key when it comes to working out. Use the right equipment, check to make sure that form is on point and always let common sense win, as all exercises performed are done at the viewer's own risk. As with any exercise program, please get the thumbs up from a doctor before starting any fitness program. Now let's get sweating!

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