Moms Share Their Surprising Stress-Relievers That Cost Next to Nothing

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Forever, but especially these days, any and every mom will say she has an absolutely full plate. Sure, every family handles the to-dos differently, but in plenty of households, moms who are part of even the most egalitarian partnerships find themselves overwhelmed with a laundry list of chores and errands, from school dropoff to school pickup, Target runs, meal prep to running the nightly bedtime routine. Moms are constantly on the go, and as a result, are constantly trying to carve out at least a little self-care time. 

So naturally, it's no wonder most mothers are perpetually on the hunt for the most effective stress-relieving methods out there.


For some moms, a glass of wine and a good book will cut it. Others find their go-to is a bath, their favorite music, a run, a yoga class, or curling up on the couch, snuggling up with the family pet and zoning out while watching Friends or Sex & the City episodes they've seen time and again. And all of these stress-relievers are smart bets, no doubt. 

But some moms have found -- and now find they lean on -- less commonly mentioned strategies for mellowing out. They're the kinds of activities that may seem quite simple, like being more mindful and soaking in the moment during a walk in the park with their LO or heading to a movie solo. But they're also the kinds of methods that society isn't as quick to suggest, like doing a certain type of puzzle or taking a time out for self-pleasure. Here, 20 moms reveal the surprising stress-reliever they swear by.

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