40 Spells, Rituals, Charms & Simply Magical Practices That Are Perfect for Moms

Maressa Brown | Oct 29, 2018 Healthy Living
40 Spells, Rituals, Charms & Simply Magical Practices That Are Perfect for Moms

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy for parents to wish they could wiggle their nose like Samantha on Bewitched or perhaps stir up a boiling, frothy cauldron like the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus that would instantly get the kiddos ready for school, miraculously make dinner appear at the table, or simply stop time to make room for much-needed, well-deserved rest and relaxation. (Pouf -- a spa day, please!)

Unfortunately, that sounds like a complete fantasy. After all, "practicing magic" is just something reserved only for movie characters played by Daniel Radcliffe or Sandra Bullock, right? Well, not necessarily. 

Throughout everyday life, moms will perpetually face challenges like seemingly unshakeable stress, a partnership stalemate, difficulty building a new social circle after a big move, poor body confidence, or simply finding it tough to tap into a feeling of gratitude or peace. There's a lot of buzz that practices like yoga, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, or therapy helping to address many of these issues, but magic can fit into the mix, as well. 

"Ritual and self-care are all sort of wrapped up in one," says Lisa Marie Basile, author of Light Magic for Dark Times: More than 100 Spells, Rituals, and Practices for Coping in a Crisis. "There is magic in consciousness and the deliberate -- and when we decide to care for ourselves, our bodies, and our own peace, that creates change, for the better. Change is magic! When you are so busy providing and teaching and inspiring others, being able to give back to yourself is so important. Giving breath and the senses and imagination and sensuality back to yourself is magical."

Some practices require nothing more than mindfulness and specific language. Others might involve simple items like a mirror, ribbon, or crystals. And particular rituals are tied to celestial events or other special seasons. But no matter the day or time, busy moms can easily tap into a bevy of benefits through easy spells, rituals, and related practices. Even those who aren't the crystal and sage-loving type could find a simple meditation makes a world of difference. 

Here, magical experts share 40 spells that are perfect for moms. 

  • A Glamour Ritual to Boost Your Personal Power (From 'Light Magic for Dark Times')

    woman applying lipstick
     Materials: Lipstick or Chapstick

    A small keychain knife

    Using lipstick as magic is a way of glamouring, and this ritual will help you feel like your most powerful self. Swap out the lipstick for lip balm, if you prefer. The goal of this ritual is to make you feel good, not necessarily to change the way you look (although that can be part of it).

    Color Messages

    If you’re using lipstick, think about what its color means to you (and to the world at large). Red is classic and always stunning. Blue is unusual and bold and daring. Black is dark and striking. Violet is magical and intuitive. These colors may mean different things to you, so let that guide you. Do you feel most confident when wearing blue lipstick? Do you feel most yourself in red? Does violet scream “get things done” to you? That’s what you’re looking to tap into.

    Lip Balm and Gloss

    Maybe you prefer the simple ritual act of applying something that can “turn on” your power. While lipstick may message something to others, this ritual is mostly about you and how you feel when you wear it, so sheer lip balm or gloss will also do the trick.

    Set your chosen lip color or lip balm in front of you. Perform a moment of grounding -- think about what you want the lipstick or lip balm to convey. You’ll be programming it with that message, feeling, and mood.

    Use the knife to draw a tiny, not-super-deep “x” into your lipstick or Chapstick. State your intentions. For example, say:

    With this color, this paint, this armor, I become myself strong and myself enchanted.

    Now, carry the tube with you or keep it in a sacred space. Wear it when you need its power.

    Reprinted from Light Magic for Dark Times (Fair Winds Press) by Lisa Marie Basile, copyright 2018

  • Sex Magic Ritual for Manifesting Body Acceptance (From 'Light Magic for Dark Times')

    woman looking in mirror from bed
    Materials: Your bed

    Optional: A mirror, a sex toy

    Sex magic is sometimes wildly misunderstood, seen as simply driven by maniacal, hedonistic pleasure. While pleasure is phenomenal -- of course -- sex magic is less totally wild and more straight-up potent. Well-rooted in the fabric of history, sex magic is one of the most potent forms of magic that can be performed --- alone or with a partner or partners.

    You’ve likely heard of tantra or tantric sex. Tantras were fifth-century esoteric Hindu texts that suggested the body could be a spiritual tool. Tantras have a fascinating and complex history, and it’s one that I recommend researching in depth. For us, using sex magic means becoming or tapping into that spiritual tool -- using our sexual energy to manifest or focus our intentions. It’s not about performative sex or even feeling sexy; it’s literally about taking that engine of energy our body revs and shaping out a direction for it.

    In this ritual, we’ll focus on using our own sexual energy to evoke feelings of body love and acceptance.

    On a night when you’re alone -- perhaps during the full moon, when energies are blazing and the magnificent vibrations are roiling through the cosmos -- get ready to get cozy, settle in, and touch yourself in a way that gives you pleasure. Situate a mirror near the bed. If it feels uncomfortable to watch yourself, you can skip this; that discomfort may be good for some of us, since it’s often through discomfort that we grow, but this is your choice.

    Focus on your breath and the sensation. Follow them in your mind as they ebb and flow, as your physical sensations change with your touch.

    Take a moment to honor your body, to send it love, to appreciate it. Look into the mirror, if you’re using it, and celebrate yourself.

    Climax is usually the goal in sex magic: to harness that grand boil-over of energy and, in the moment, use it to manifest your will. If you do climax, think or speak your intention. For example:

    I will love my body and will treat it with respect.


    I accept my body as it is.

    If you cannot or do not reach climax, focus heavily on your intention as you touch yourself.

    Don’t scold yourself or feel bad if your mind drifts away. This is a practice, not a one-time experience.

    Reprinted from Light Magic for Dark Times (Fair Winds Press) by Lisa Marie Basile, copyright 2018

  • An Herbal Elixir for an Open Heart (From 'Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to The Ancient Craft')

    jar with lavender
    Elixirs are a form of tincture: a mixture made from alcohol and herbs, only with added honey or sweetener. Hawthorn, apple, and rose are all from the same botanical family, and along with honey, all promote an open heart, so this quick, herbal pick-me-up is for whenever you want to channel and open your own heart.

    Materials: A glass jar (a standard jam jar would be perfect)

    80 percent proof alcohol (vodka works great and other spirits will do, although the clearer the better)

    Liquid sweetener (for example, runny honey, glycerine, maple syrup, simple syrup or agave)

    1 tablespoon each of the following dried herbs: hawthorn leaf and flower, organic rose, apple, cinnamon, chamomile (pick as many different herbs as you like, but material from three to five types is usually a sweet spot)

    Muslin or cheesecloth to strain the mixture

    Small amber dropper bottle(s)

    Tape and a permanent marker to label

    Step 1: Prepare the herbs and add the alcohol and sweetener.

    Using a coffee grinder or a blender, finely chop your herbs of choice. Place the herbs in the jar. Then cover with 2 parts alcohol and 1 part sweetener. (If you use fresh herbs or flowers, add a little bit more alcohol. To have a shelf life, a liquid must be 20 percent alcohol. With the sugar, the preservative qualities are even higher.) Label the jar with the date, herbs, and alcohol used.

    Step 2: Store the jar in a cool, dark place, like a closet or a pantry, for two to three weeks. Making sure the lid is firmly closed, shake the liquid several times a week.

    Reprinted from Inner Witch by arrangement with TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright  2018, Gabriela Herstik 

  • Makeup as Ritual (From 'Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to The Ancient Craft')

    woman applying makeup

    If fashion is resistance, then beauty is ritual. For me, my skin care and makeup routine are the first things I do in the morning after waking up. I wash my face, brush my teeth and start on my routine. Usually, I know where the Moon and Sun are, and I’ve already started to feel the energy of the day. Doing my makeup is the first piece of putting on my glamour. Do I feel like channeling an open heart, or working with a fierce attitude? Do I want to wear gold to attract abundance, or do I want to wear red to feel dangerous? Sometimes you don’t have enough time to be this and that’s totally OK! There are no rules -- and we are cyclical too, remember? 

    If you wear makeup, try honoring the process of putting it on as a ritual. Turn on some music, burn some incense, spray on some perfume and get to work. You can also create a beauty altar in your bathroom, or on a vanity table, as further ways to channel energy. Try adding crystals, photos of style icons, old starlets, or family members to this -- there’s no wrong way to do it. 

    The first thing to ask when beginning your makeup ritual is “what do I feel like today?” 

    For example: • A cat eye, drawn with eyeliner, is a perfect glamour for when you don’t want people to mess with you. • A silver eye is the ultimate way to honor the Moon. • Dark green and gold eye makeup can help you channel Mother Nature in an organic way. • A kiss of blush can help attract love and sex, since blush mimics the flush of an orgasm!  

    If you like, think about what sort of makeup the women in your family -- either chosen or blood --  wear. Want to channel your mother’s confidence? Why not wear her red lip? How about your aunt’s spontaneity? Try wearing her green eyeliner, or whatever her signature look is. And if you want to infuse some extra blessings into your routine, try using mantras while you’re working on your makeup. You can create your own mantras (which I encourage since this is your path) or use one of the following, listed on the next page. You can also sit for a second once your makeup is completed, visualizing whatever it is you hope your day holds. Hold this in your third eye for a second and then imagine it turning into a bubble that floats into the Universe. So it is! 

    As you do this ... say ... 

    Face: May I face the day with __________ (love, an open heart, courage, presence, stillness, passion, energy, joy, bliss, respect, etc.). 

    Eyebrows: May I frame my day with __________ (truth, love, honesty, compassion, etc.). 

    Eyes: May I follow my truth and know what’s real. May I see __________ (the best of the situation, love, joy, etc.). 

    Eyeliner: No one can mess with me; I am centered and I am ready. 

    Lips: From these lips shall spill the truth, com

  • A Chakra Meditation (from 'Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to The Ancient Craft') 

    crystals woman meditating

    This simple meditation will help you align and balance your chakras and aura. Start by imagining a ball of glowing red light at the base of your spine -- at your root chakra. This red glowing ball stays there as you breathe into it for a few deep breaths. Then it moves up to your sacral chakra, turning orange along the way. Breathe into this before it moves up to your solar plexus chakra and turns yellow. Do this with each chakra, imagining the light changing to the corresponding color as it moves upward. When it gets to the crown of your head, imagine it being here for a few breaths before it then starts to move back down your spine, going from white to violet to blue, all the way down. You can also imagine flowers opening at each chakra in the corresponding colors, blooming as you move up and folding back in as you move down your body. Use the same flowers in each of your chakra meditations, but remember to close your chakras if you open them. This will help you stay balanced.

  • Treasure Within, a Self-Love Exercise (From 'Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure')


    Materials: Mirror

    This exercise is an easy way to include self-love practices in your everyday routine. It combines crystal healing, self-massage, and the therapeutic art of eye-gazing. It only adds five to seven minutes to your daily routine (but can last longer, if you would like!). Keeping a crystal charged with your intention on your bathroom counter can help act as a reminder to include this practice in your daily routine.

    Have you ever looked into your own eyes? It may feel strange at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Before getting into the shower, take some time looking into the mirror. Focus on your eyes. There is a reason why they say eyes are the windows to the soul. Looking into someone’s eyes or into your own eyes for an extended period can be a spiritual experience in itself. It is a bonding and trust building exercise.

    1. Place one or both hands on your heart in front of the mirror.

    2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, open your eyes.

    3. Gaze softly into your less dominant eye.

    4. Try to keep a steady focus, and imagine you are looking deeper and deeper within the eye.

    5. Tell yourself aloud or silently: “Thank you for seeing me for who I really am. I