Woman Proudly Flaunts Her Loose Skin in a Swimsuit Even After She Was Attacked For It ... Twice

jacqueline adan

Last year blogger Jacqueline Adan shared with her followers that she had been pointed at and laughed at while wearing her swimsuit on vacation in Mexico. Jacqueline has loose skin as a result of losing about 350 pounds over the course of 4 and-a-half years, and she often opens up about her self-love journey. The incident last year was a "huge moment" for her because she decided she didn't want to let people's opinions affect her anymore. So, this year, she is sharing what happened when she put on her swimsuit again. 

  • In a recent Instagram post, Jacqueline shares that "it happened again." 

    "It happened this year while I was on vacation again," she wrote. "Yes, I was walking on the beach and again I was pointed at and laughed at and made fun of." 

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  • However, this time Jacquline felt a lot differently than she had the previous year. 

    "As I was getting laughed at and pointed at something came over me," she shared. "I was not embarrassed, I did not feel like I had to justify myself and I did not freeze or want to cry. I actually felt free! This time ... I just did not care!"

  • She was too busy living her best life to worry about what these haters were saying about her. 

    "I tried to go over every change inside my head as to why this year I just did not care," she wrote on Instagram. "Then it finally hit me. I do not depend on the approval of others, and I do not care what others may or may not think about my body. I am so focused on living my best life, and I have been working so hard on loving me exactly how I am ... loose skin and all -- that I do not have time to worry about what others may think or say."

    She continued to explain that although she may still struggle sometimes with feeling insecure, she is at a place in her life where she can feel genuinely confident and happy, despite what others may think or say.

  • "This is what hard work, sweat, blood, tears, smiles, happiness, pain, love, and hard work look like," Jacqueline shared. 

    "This is what it looks like to finally accept my body for what it is. This is me. And I am not making any more excuses as to why I look the way I do ... this is just me. Loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks and all."

  • Preach, girl! 

  • You can also check out her YouTube video explaining exactly what happened and how she was feeling in the moment.

    Jacqueline is so inspiring! 

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