This Is What Happens When Women Don't Have Control Over Their Own Bodies, for Those Who Don't Get It


pregnant woman in doctors office

In our current political climate there has been fear of Roe v. Wade being overturned. The landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision legalized abortion nationwide, and if it were to be reversed it could be a terrifying reality for women across the country. That's why a woman who goes by Salome Strangelove on Twitter decided to share a powerful story about what exactly can happen when women's reproductive rights are restricted. 
  • In the now viral Twitter thread, Salome shares the heartbreaking story of what her mother went through. 

    The emotional Twitter thread now has more than 64,000 likes and more than 500 responses. 

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  • Salome's mother got unexpectedly pregnant with her at 20 years old. 

    Although she was on birth control, she wasn't aware that it was being ineffective because of another medication she was prescribed for a "chronic problem." 

  • Her mother had a "miserable" pregnancy and a problematic delivery. 

    Her mom was forced to stay in the hospital for a while for her own recovery after the traumatic birth. 

  • Afterward, her mother was depressed and scared and didn't want to have anymore children, so she asked to get her tubes tied. 

    Her doctor yelled at her for being "selfish" and told her to embrace her "new role in life as a mother." He even suggested that she should have stopped working entirely to care for her family. 

  • Not only did this shame escalate her depression, but it also affected the way she bonded with Salome. 

  • Over a course of five years, her mother got pregnant three more times. Two of them were "horrific miscarriages." 

    The third pregnancy resulted in Salome's younger brother. 

  • When she went into delivery this time, it was again full of difficulties. But, she had a different doctor filling in.

    Thankfully, the new doctor was much more understanding and supported her decision to get her tubes tied. He also "recognized she needed help with her depression and other issues." 

  • After years of "life-threatening trauma" she was FINALLY having her choices respected and acknowledged. 

    Salome explained how her mother's previous doctor had used his influence to put her life in danger, as well as cause many years of emotional and physical trauma and strained relationships. 

  • And it doesn't even end there. Before her mother was healthy enough to have her tubes tied, she got pregnant again. 

    This time, Salome's father and grandmother fully supported an abortion. Another pregnancy could have very well killed her. 

    Her parents held off on sex altogether until her mother was well enough to have her tubes tied. 

  • "I believe my mother had every right to never have me and should never have had that choice made for her," Salome wrote. 

    Salome concluded her tweet by expressing how so many women have it worse, especially in cases that involve rape. 

    Women's reproductive rights are incredibly important. We never know what type of physical or mental trauma a woman is dealing with and she should be free to choose what is best for her without the influence of someone else who couldn't possibly understand what it is like. We applaud Salome for sharing her mother's story. It has definitely resonated with many.  

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