Woman Warns About Constantly Being Aware After Brutal Attack Close to Home

Vanessa Kinsey/Facebook

Vanessa Kinsey
Vanessa Kinsey/Facebook

About 7:15 a.m. July 25, Vanessa Kinsley and her dog, Berreta, were on their regular loop at Platte River Trail, within walking distance from her home in Denver, Colorado. As they strolled, she noticed a man passing by her whom she had seen the day prior. "He didn’t make eye contact with me and I got a very strange vibe," Vanessa shared on Facebook. Despite her familiarity with the area and her fake sense of security because she was so close to home, Vanessa was unknowingly in danger. The stranger followed her, eventually attacked her from behind, and dragged her into the woods

  • The man removed almost all of her clothes and choked her using his hands, a rope, and a bandana of some sort, according to Vanessa.

    In the chilling yet important post, Vanessa decided to share her tragedy in detail. She wrote: 

    "I fought like hell and screamed my brains out, even my sweet dog tried to fight him and bite him as much as she could. He threatened to kill me, I believe to get me to stop screaming. I thought that this could be the end but I was not about to give up fighting for my life."

    He tied her up and began searching for his glasses. "I begged him to let me help but he said he couldn’t trust me," she wrote. "I somehow managed to sit up and was able to reach the knot around my ankles and free myself." 

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  • Essentially naked and terrified for her life, she escaped to the path where people were able to help her. 

    As Vanessa ran for her life, she unfortunately had to leave her beloved dog behind. She then made it to the bike path, almost completely naked. Luckily, there were people around that were able to protect her. A man on a bike chased the man down and restrained him until police arrived. 

    According to Vanessa, the attacker was taken into custody right away. He is a registered sex offender who had multiple warrants out for his arrest.

    Vanessa was also able to find her dog, who is now safe at home as well. 

  • "This was the worst day of my life but I knew I had to fight, it simply wasn’t my time to die," she wrote. 

    Vanessa shared that although she was still not feeling well physically, she was "lucky to be in good hands" with her family and friends.

  • Now, Vanessa is using her story to warn others that it doesn't matter how well you know an area -- you still always have to be alert and aware.

    "I am putting this post up to remind each and every one of you, please be aware of your surroundings at all times," she wrote. "Even if you have been on your local path, your grocery store parking lot, or anywhere 100 times, danger can exist anywhere. I am lucky to be alive, so please have a plan in place to protect yourself from whatever may be out there." 

  • We are so happy that she was able to find her way to safety and share her story with others. 

    Vanessa has a GoFundMe page to help her raise money for the medical bills. She has currently raised $41,810 of a $45,000 goal. 

    It is so important for all of us, especially women, to be on alert at all times. 

    We wish all the best to Vanessa and her recovery process!