Woman Claims Drinking Other Mom's Breast Milk Helped Her Lose Weight


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In a diet-obsessed cuture, there isn't much women won't do to drop a few pounds. One UK woman, Bianca Collins, proved she was up to task: Collins began drinking other women's breast milk to help her lose weight -- and supposedly, it worked. 

  • After suffering a nasty breakup, Collins told the Mirror that she felt she had to make a change. 

    Facebook/Bianca Collins

    “I was devastated when I found out my ex blamed my weight for the breakdown of our relationship," she told the publication. "I became a recluse. I felt fat, ugly and my confidence was at rock bottom."

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  • At the suggestion of her friend who is a personal trainer, Collins joined a gym. 

    While training, he offered her a swig from his sports bottle that contained a strawberry protein shake and breast milk. He told her he believed it could help stimulate weight loss. 

    She began ordering breast milk for herself off of an unnamed US website and began incorporating it into everything from gym shakes to chicken soup. 

  • After 2 months of drinking it, Collins claims she dropped 2 stone (or roughly about 28 pounds).

    breast milk in bottled

    Collins spends roughly £400 on breast milk each month and even plans to drink her own when she becomes a mom herself. 

  • However, GP Ian Campbell, a "campaigner for the prevention of obesity," says there's no scientific correlation between breast milk and weight loss.

    “Any weight lost is as a result of consuming fewer calories than she’s been expending, and there are a lot of safer ways to achieve that," he told the Mirror.

    “I have grave reservations about the safety of buying breast milk over the internet. I’d have to question its provenance and source. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it.”