Women Are Sharing How Much They Weigh & It's More Than You Think


When you start typing into Google about a celebrity, almost always autofill assumes that you want to know what they weigh. As a society, we're weight-obsessed -- and often place a lot of morality on weight. And if you don't believe that's true, just ask a fat girl who has posted a selfie; I can guarantee her comments are littered with health-concern trolls. 

  • The Good Place star Jameela Jamil was determined to change the way people, especially women, felt about their weight. 

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  • Back in April the actress originally posted a photo laying out what she weighs in terms of the emotional and spiritual baggage she carries with her. 

    "I’m fucking tired of seeing women just ignore what’s amazing about them and their lives and their achievements, just because they don’t have a bloody thigh gap," she wrote. 

  • Women around the internet started posting their own versions, so Jamil began collecting them under an account called "I Weigh."

  • And boy are they powerful. 

  • Some women just basked in the glow of of the happiest parts of their lives... 

  • ... while others gave people insight into their complex lives. 

  • All we can say is YASSSSSSS QUEENS!

    Now if we could just get the scales to read this instead of those pesky numbers, we'd be good. 

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