Plus-Size Mom Reminds Us Why We Need to Put Aside Insecurities & Take Pictures With Our Kids

plus-size mom and son

Everyone always says how fast kids grow up, and if you're a mother then you've likely felt that way on numerous occasions. However, many women let those months and even years slide by without taking any pictures with their kids. One mom is here to tell us why it's so important to have photos with your kids at every stage of life. 

  • Plus-size blogger and influencer Shaina Harrison recently took to Instagram to share some adorable pictures of her and her son. 

    In her post, she wanted to express the importance of capturing moments like these with little ones. She admitted to regretting that she didn't document much of her pregnancy. She wrote: 

    "One thing I've learned after my mother died was the importance of taking pictures. I wish I had more of my mom and I. Regrettable because of my difficult pregnancy I didn't document much of that process either. If I could do it all over again!"

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  • After Shaina lost her mother, she said she realized how much she wishes she had some earlier photos of the two of them together. 

    In her comments section of her post, Shaina shared: 

    "My mom suffered from a drug addiction which caused her to look different at certain stages of her life. I wish I had more pictures before the trauma. Picture of how I remembered her as a child." 

  • Shaina cherishes the photos she does have with her mom, and she wants to make sure her son has plenty of photos of their time together. 

    "Listen take pictures," Shaina wrote. "Without warning. Take pictures. Without posing. Take pictures. Book photoshoots. Hell I don't care. Just take pictures, one day that maybe all they have. As an adult I find myself looking through the few pictures I do have of my mom. Zooming in on her hands comparing them to mine. Her eyes, her smile. I wish he had the chance to meet her. For now all we have are pictures." 

  • Even though we often face insecurities that may stop us from wanting to take photos, we should remember the moments behind the images. 

    As women we are so often critical of our bodies, our hair, our skin, etc. -- especially in photos -- and that can distract us from the fact that these memories are not just important for ourselves as we grow older but also for our kids and other loved ones. 

    So next time you're hesitant about snapping some photos, don't be! Just do it. You won't regret it if you have too many photos later on, but you might regret it if you don't have enough. 

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