This Artist Gave Disney Princesses a Plus-Size Makeover & We're So Here for It

chubby disney princess illustrations

Most Disney fans fall in love with the world of princesses at a very young age -- which usually results in a very narrow picture of what a "beautiful princess" looks like. And although more recent fairytales have taken steps towards being more feminist and racially inclusive, we are still yet to see a plus-size Disney princess. As a result of the lack of body diversity in these films, a Wisconsin artist, who goes by her pen name Neoqlassical Art, has decided to share an illustrated series of "chubby princesses." 

  • The inspiring project reimagines all of our favorite Disney princesses as plus-size women. 

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  • "My main motivation was to bring attention to the lack of positive plus-size figures in mainstream media," Neoqlassical Art tells CafeMom.

    "I feel like this is something that's getting better, but still has a long way to go," she continued. 

  • From Cinderella to Rapunzel, she's drawn them all -- and they're all beautiful. 

  • It's no surprise that people on social media are loving it!

  • She explained how most plus-size characters we encounter are forced into limited categories of mean, funny, or self-loathing. 

    "As it is, if you see a plus-size person in film or television, they're either a mean character, a funny character, or are desperately wishing not to be plus size anymore," the artist tells CafeMom. "And I feel like this sends the wrong message not just to kids, but to grown ups too!"

  • She also believes many people would benefit from seeing more body diversity in these kinds of media.

    "The reaction to this series has been overwhelming and a bit emotional because there are so many people who could have had a more fulfilling childhood and young adulthood if it wasn't wasted feeling ashamed of themselves," she says. "That's why I think my work is so important, because it makes people feel happy and confident as-is, and happiness is the start of a more fulfilling life."

  • And we totally agree!

  • It's because of art and people like this that we're growing as a society and realizing that beauty comes in so many different forms. 

    Check out more of her body-positive art on Instagram!

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