Luxury Nap Destinations Are the Self-Care Trend Every Mom Should Try

luxury nap destination

It's no secret that moms don't sleep enough. In fact, most adults don't sleep enough. However, with kids running around the house and in constant need of care, it makes it that much more impossible to ensure you have the rest you need (and deserve). So maybe for your next anniversary, birthday, or random Tuesday, you should have someone else watch the kids while you book a nice long nap appointment

  • According to Yahoo Lifestyle, nap rooms and napping clubs are popping up all over -- and this is a trend we can fully support!

    A nap facility in New York City called Nap York allows people to book spaces designed to help them relax. The 24-hour "premiere wellness club" offers rented nap areas for anywhere from 30 minutes to 9 hours! The business wrote on Instagram:

    "Peace and quiet can be difficult to find in NYC. The Nap York lounge is a readymade oasis featuring moon chairs, meditation space, yoga classes and live plants."

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  • They have everything from rooftop hammocks to beds with a starry night sky overhead. 

  • And they aren't the only place people can get their nap on. A family-friendly spa in Los Angeles offers nap rooms and FREE childcare! 

    Trina Renea, founder of Spa Lé La in L.A., told Yahoo that she has seen an increased interest in the spa’s nap room. “We created a special nap room with a cozy, comfortable, warm bed, a weighted sleep blanket, soft sheets, comforter and pillow, and warm flaxseed pillows,” Renea said.

    And since they are a full-service spa, they also offer facials, massages, nail services, and more. 

  • Even mattress retailer Casper has allowed customers to start testing out their products with a little shut-eye. 

    Casper now has Casper Sleep Shops in New York City and Toronto. The shops feature miniature homes where customers can book a 20-minute “sleep trial” appointment. 

    I just might head there on my lunch break!

  • Nap time, here we come!