This Viral Twitter Thread May Teach You Something New About Your Vagina


vaginal health facts

Although almost half of the world population has a vagina, for some reason it is still considered an "inappropriate"/ or "taboo" topic of discussion in many situations. And unfortunately many of us do things to our vaginas that are not particularly good for them. So, one Twitter user took it upon herself to spread straight FACTS about our vajayjays in her viral "/VAGINA THREAD" -- and you may just learn something new from it! 

  • A few days ago, Alison Pool created a long and engaging thread on Twitter to educate women about various vaginal topics from discharge to cleanliness.

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  • The post went bonkers with women (and men) taking notes and asking questions. 

    Class was in session! 

  • Alison's thread was honest, frank, and ...

  • ... it did NOT hold back. 

  • She wanted to reassure women that things like yeast infections are indeed common. And sometimes you have to let your vag breath, girl. 

  • The list of facts and tips capped off at 20, but she has since started another informational thread about menstruation. 

    This thread has also gone viral with over 17 thousand retweets and over 13 thousand likes. 

  • After seeing the success of her "Vagina Thread," Alison started a closed Facebook group where women could further discuss these kinds of topics.

    The Facebook group states that it's "a place to ask questions, get advice, and make friends!"

    The popularity of these threads proves that women need to have more spaces where we can comfortably discuss our questions and concerns when it comes to our bodies and health. 

    If anything about your vagina or your period is causing you discomfort then make sure you talk to your OB-GYN about it.