This Artist Turned Disney Princesses Into Career Women & Every Little Kid Should See It

disney princesses as career women
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

After years and years of movies about beautiful princesses falling in love, Disney has recently shaken things up a bit in movies such as Frozen and Moana, where both Elsa and Moana don't end up chasing romance at all. But, we still haven't seen many princesses with career ambitions, aside from Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Well, one artist has decided to challenge the outdated perception that girls should focus on finding a fairytale romance above pursuing a career they're passionate about. 

We've seen artists reimagine Disney princesses in many different ways, including giving them a more modern makeover or showing them with more "realistic"/ bodies. However, graphic designer Matt Burt, who works for  Simple Thrifty Living, has taken a new approach and turned iconic Disney princesses into career women -- and we are loving it! 

  • As part of Matt's collection, each Disney princess has been shown thriving in a career field that perfectly matches their interests and skills. 

    Moana was made to be an officer in the Navy! Matt wrote:

    "The sea has always called to Moana. What it taught her is that she is a natural leader, guiding her people and returning them to their ancient voyaging traditions. Using these strengths, Moana has excelled in the Navy, rising to the rank of lieutenant commander. She has been awarded multiple honors during her service, such as two Navy Achievement medals and a National Defense Service Medal. With such a successful start, there’s no telling how far she’ll go in her career."

    Makes sense to us! 

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  • Elsa and Anna are climate change scientists.  

    Matt wrote of the sisters:

    "Elsa, Anna, and the citizens of Arendelle know a few things about the effects of climate change. While their companion Olaf may love summer, the sun, and all things hot, Anna and Elsa recognize what a rising global temperature might mean. They have dedicated their careers to studying climate change and presenting accurate, well-sourced information."

  • Unsurprisingly, Tiana is a James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur. 

    According to Matt:

    "Growing up and being inspired by her father’s love of cooking, Tiana has always known what she has wanted to do. She now stands at the top of the culinary world, winning the James Beard Award and owning one of the most popular restaurants in the country. Every day she digs a little deeper, trying out new dishes and experimenting with new recipes and flavors."

  • Ariel pursues music and becomes a pop star and record producer. 

    Matt wrote: 

    "Ariel has always excelled in music, having natural talent and a passion for singing. Considered the best of her talented sisters, Ariel took her skills and made it her career. She went multi-platinum with her single, “Part of Your World,” and now both writes her own music and is a producer at her own label, Seven Seas Records."

  • Princess Jasmine is a UN Ambassador. 

    Matt wrote: 

    "Jasmine has always fought for what’s right and for change where it is needed -- she’s not a prize to be won. A natural politician, she now advocates for her country of Agrabah at the United Nations. One of her primary initiatives is protecting women’s rights by ensuring that women are treated fairly across the globe."

  • And one of the most comical, yet clever, is Princess Aurora as a coffee company CEO. 

    Matt explained: 

    "Aurora knows how hard it is to wake up. After being awoken from her enchanted sleep, Aurora made it her career to help others stay awake -- and what better way to do that than coffee! Aurora is the founder and CEO of Spinning Wheel Coffee, one of the leading coffee chains in the nation."

    Too cute! 

  • Matt's work was meant to inspire others to pursue a career they would love. 

    “To many people, the Disney princesses have become so much more than just characters in movies. I wanted to create these to inspire others in hopes that they can find a career that they love and a career that makes a difference," Matt said in an interview with Scary Mommy

  • This art series is so important for young girls (and people in general) to see. 

    We need to continue to encourage kids to find things they're passionate about and not be afraid to pursue them, especially girls who are still so often deprived of seeing an equal amount of women in the highest leadership roles. 

    A lot of progress has been made, but there is still so much more that can be done. Hopefully projects like this can help push for more career-oriented women in children's media! 

    To see the rest of the princesses fitting career paths, such as Mulan, Merida, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel, check out Matt's full project here

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