This Illustrator Perfectly Captures the Hilarious Struggles of Being a Modern Woman

Cecile Dormeau Illustration

Being a modern woman means being bombarded with all of these rigid societal standards of beauty and behavior when all you want to do is go home, take your bra off, and binge-watch Netflix with a block of cheese. French illustrator Cecile Dormeau explores this gap between the expectation and reality of being a woman in her incredibly relatable and totally honest comics.

  • Dormeau's illustrations feature 21st century women who are unapologetic about their bodies and actions.

    Like for instance, this woman who isn't ashamed of letting the world know that, yes, everyone, even women, poops.

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  • "My inspiration comes from girls around me -- friends, sisters, girls I saw in the street -- and also my own insecurities," she tells CafeMom.

    You can see this expressed in her work, since her comics often depict daily life -- or at least the daily life of women behind closed doors. 

  • "I like drawing things which are not often brought out in the daylight ... " she told the Independent.

    " ... like hidden actions or details that we are too ashamed to share. I draw taboos. I want to celebrate imperfection," she continued. Even though in reality, there's no such thing as an "imperfect" or "perfect female body," society and the media has led us to think so. 

  • Her work has got this mission on lock. Just check out this comic about a woman who -- sorry, not sorry -- doesn't want to smile.

  • Then there's this woman who's sick and not caring about looking "put together."

    We've all been there this past winter.

  • We all know this selfie-taking position ...

  • Or how different we looked when we were 14 years old sans Instagram compared to 14-year-olds now.

    Is puberty no longer so rough?

  • Dormeau tells CafeMom that she wants her work to inspire people to laugh at themselves and also not feel alone in their insecurities.

    "We are enough, we are great just as we are," she says.

    Amen to that.

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