Woman Uses Side-by-Side Pics to Share Why She's No Longer 'Insecure' About Regaining Weight


Our bodies are not static things. They change over time, and sometimes that includes both losing and gaining weight. It's not always easy to be at peace with those kinds of fluctuations, and being at war with our bodies can be all-consuming and take us away from enjoying moments with our loved ones. But Stephanie Seabrook, aka @seabrook715 on Instagram, reminds us that it's important that we are. 

  • Recently, Seabrook posted side-by-side pics of her stomach five years apart.

    On the left is her stomach in 2013 after losing weight, and on the right is her current stomach after regaining some of that weight back. While most people would be upset at gaining weight back, she wanted to share that with that weight, she also gained "self-love," "freedom," "a love of delicious foods," and more.

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  • "Gaining doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all!" She wrote in the caption.

    "Remember: the fat on our bodies doesn’t define who we are! What matters is what WE get out of life and what we leave behind for others." 

  • "I choose to live with moderation and not deprivation," she continued.

    She then said how she'll never forget about a night when she was at a bar with her friends and she was the only one who wasn't drinking. "Which is fine, but I said no to the drink because of the calories and I had goals," she wrote. "You know what I remember from that night five years ago That I said no to a drink because of the calories. I didn't remember the fun we had."

    Instead, all she remembered was feeling "guilty of wanting to indulge" and "scared of becoming fat again."

    "Shitty, right?"

  • But now she chooses to live in and enjoy the moment and not think about the trivial things, like how many calories a drink has.

    "Think I'm fat? Ok, cool," she said. "Think I've failed? No prob. Think I should stfu? Not gonna happen. Also not my prob. I'm too busy having fun, eating food, working out because I like to and not because I 'have' to ..."

  • People on Instagram cheered Seabrook on for understanding "what healthy really means."

  • We agree with Seabrook too! After all, we only have one journey, so we better enjoy every second of it!

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