Former Addicts & EMTs Alike Are Applauding This Woman for Sharing Powerful Side-by-Side Pics of Her Overdose


In the United States, there's been an increase in drug overdoses that's more accurately defined as an epidemic. To break through addiction and become clean is an incredible feat, and one that Reddit user sturgio_garcia shared with two powerful side-by-side images that are inspiring everyone, from EMTs themselves to those who wish they could thank their own EMTs. 

  • The left image is of sturgio_garcia in the intensive care unit following an overdose, and on the right is her after being six months sober.

    "Decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and am six months clean and sober today," she wrote in the caption. 

    When asked who took the photo on the left, she replied: "My dad did. When I asked him to send it to me today he said that photo makes him so sad but so happy that I'm not that person anymore. I hate what I put my family through."

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  • People congratulated the woman on her "strength" for breaking free from her addiction.

  • Other former addicts chimed in to say how important it is that she share her journey.

  • Some also shared their own stories of how they lost loved ones to addiction.

  • Others said her journey inspires them to continue fighting their addiction.

  • EMTs, nurses, and many other hardworking medical personnel who work alongside those with addictions also gave it up for her powerful transformation.

  • Her story is especially poignant since it can be incredibly difficult to break an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • Some people who are now clean said how they wish they could thank those medical workers who essentially saved their lives.

  • Those who work to save people's lives remarked how powerful a simple "thank you" could be.

  • If these stories don't restore your faith in this humanity, then I'm not sure what will.

    We wish sturgio_garcia and everyone else going through similar journeys the absolute best, and send a big thanks to all of those who help in those journeys! 

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