Grocery Store Under Fire for Selling Meal Called 'Thigh Gap'


For a while, thigh gaps, or that space between your thighs when your feet are placed together, were a benchmark for being considered desirably thin. It was hard not to scroll through Instagram without seeing people "candidly" captured with their thigh gaps. Shortly after, it was revealed that thigh gaps are actually pretty unrealistic and can be manipulated through an uncomfortable pose. However, all of that nonsense hasn't stopped United Kingdom–based grocery store Protein Haus from selling a controversial premade meal called "Thigh Gap."

  • Twitter user @AmyChurchman1 recently shared an image of the meal as a callout for the company to pull the meal from shelves.

    The packaged meal, which consists of just some tomatoes and minced meat, was also labeled with "Diet Food."

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  • Others agreed with her, saying that the name and meal itself "perpetuated diet culture."

    "Big congratulations to @ProteinHausUK for encouraging body ideals & body image issues," another person commented. "Uneducated fools."

    Such a product is problematic because it glamorizes thigh gaps and the "thinspo" lengths that people go to for something that is generally unattainable for most, which ultimately takes a toll on their mental health and body image. It can also trigger or exacerbate eating disorders in people, which have the highest mortality rate out of all mental illnesses, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa.

  • Basically, as one Twitter account put it: the meal is "distasteful ... in more ways than one."

  • On Instagram, Protein Haus responded to the criticism by saying that stirring the pot was the point of launching such a controversial name.

    The company also added that it wants to break the barriers and shame surrounding -- not not having thigh gaps -- but dieting. 

    Unfortunately, this isn't exactly what the body-positivity movement is about. In my humble opinion, a more positive and self-loving message would sell more meals than this one. 

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