Woman Shares Side-by-Side Nursing Bra Photos to Show Unrealistic Expectations of Postpartum Bodies


By now, we all understand how the representation of real bodies in the media or the fashion industry is important in making people from all walks of life feel beautiful and worthy. But despite some progress, society still has a ways to go -- especially when it comes to postpartum bodies, as Ana Rojas Bastidas (or @powertoprevail on Instagram) pointed out in a recent post about nursing bra advertisements.

  • Ana posted side-by-side photos of two women wearing the same nursing bra: On the right was Ana just two days after giving birth, and on the left was the model in an actual ad.

    When browsing for nursing bras, Ana -- a body-positive activist and blogger -- was shocked at how the woman modeling the bra for the ad didn't show any of the physical realities that many women like her have postpartum, such as stretch marks. 

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  • "What happens in the absence of representation? Our brain recognizes that of all the examples of what a brand new mom is 'supposed' to look like ... most of us don't even come close," she wrote on Instagram.

    This isn't just with nursing bra advertisements either. Women are bombarded with magazine covers and articles of how celebrities have six-packs just weeks after giving birth, and smooth, flawless skin without a scar or stretch mark. Essentially, women are constantly given these unrealistic expectations about what their postpartum bodies should be like.

    "Then, we start the comparing and that's when our self-image goes to sh*t because you can't compete with an edited photo," she continued. 

    With all of the big changes that women's bodies goes through after giving birth, these feelings can be especially harmful to their mental health. 

  • That's why her post serves as an important reminder to new mamas everywhere: "Focus on your recovery and your babe(s) and forget the lies we're constantly being fed."

    "The way you see and acknowledge this transitioning is so important," she wrote. "Otherwise, we become distracted by the unimportant and unrealistic things."

  • Commenters loved Ana for her bold post, saying that using "actual breastfeeding women" would be a great idea.

    Another Instagram user agreed, noting how it would be "awesome to see a variety of women in these ads."

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    Featuring real, postpartum nursing mamas is a marketing campaign we could really get behind. 

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