This Dude Tried to Embarrass a Woman at the Gym, but the Internet Isn't Having It

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Unless you're a total fitness junkie, hitting the gym can be a vulnerable moment. For starters, you're probably not wearing your nicest outfit if you're preparing to sweat out a lake's worth -- and why would you, since no one really looks glamorous breaking a sweat. Not to mention, those machines can be kind of tricky if you're not accustomed to using them. But that's no excuse to ever make fun of someone for how they look at the gym.

  • In a viral video on Facebook, some guy secretly recorded a woman using a weight machine as a way to make fun of her.

    "No lady," the caption said. "That's not how you use that."

    The machine is one of the ones that has a handle attached to a cable, which pulls the weight. In the video, the woman pulls the handles and moves about in a high-energy aerobic fashion that's unconventional for this machine. (Although that doesn't mean it's necessarily wrong.)

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  • Thankfully, there is hope in the world, and commenters began defending the woman who was just minding her own business and enjoying her workout moves.

    "My guess is she is a dancer," another person wrote. "Ballet moves. Or martial arts. She is flexible. And her movements show happy. I don’t think she cares about what we think."

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    Can't we just give her kudos for doing something for her health instead of being shameful? Just a thought.

  • One Facebook user pointed out how this guy felt entitled enough to shame her, even though he probably wouldn't like it if the tables were reversed.

    Also, on that note, karma can be kind of a bitch, I'm just saying.

  • Someone else made a great point that he's making fun of how she's working out on a machine, yet he's not even utilizing a workout machine.

    *Insert chin-scratching emoji here*

  • Although some peeps were worried she was going to hurt herself or the machine with her moves, no one actually knows if her moves are professionally approved or not.

    That's what kind of happens with secret shame-recording.

    "I think that instead out of secretly taking someone to mock them, he/she should approach this lady and give her advise before she gets hurt," one person wrote. "I was fortunate to have nice people at the gym show me proper form growing up. Pass it forward, don't block progress."

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  • Isn't that what the gym is all about? Helping people achieve their health goals?

    The gym is already a scary and intimidating place -- let's just make it a little more inclusive, folks. 

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