Mom Begs Others to 'Be Nice' After Being Publicly Body-Shamed in a Grocery Store

Charli Stevens/Facebook

When we're taking a trip to the grocery store, the last thing we want is a stranger approaching us to negatively comment on our bodies. In fact, that's kind of the last thing we want ever. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to mom of two, Charli Stevens, on a recent shopping trip.


According to a Facebook post, Stevens went to her local grocery store to purchase some gift tags since she was about to wrap some presents. While there, she noticed a woman in her 50s kept staring at her. Eventually, the woman approached her to tell her, "I think your clothes are a little too small on you."

Understandably, Stevens was "completely caught off guard and baffled." To clarify what just happened, she asked, "Excuse me?"

The woman repeated herself, "Well, no offense but you're just a bit big to wear those types of clothes."

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Stevens fought back tears and didn't know what to say. "Usually I’m so quick to lash out at rude people and I’m never shy when it comes down to speaking my mind," Stevens wrote in the post. "But I froze. Froze and cried."

"I’m not trying to be mean but maybe just reconsider your outfit before leaving your house from now on," the woman continued before walking away.

Stevens left without buying anything and sat in her car and cried. 

Charlie Stevens/Facebook

"How are people so rude?" Stevens wrote in the post. "It’s no secret that I’ve gained weight throughout life. I’ve birthed two kids so it’s bound to happen. Do I realize I’m overweight? Yes. Do I want to be smaller? Yes. But am I okay with the way I look? Yes!!" 

This woman has no idea who Stevens is, or that Stevens had a baby only five months ago and just lost 50 pounds after being her heaviest from her recent pregnancy. 

"My clothes were tighter than what I would normally wear but so what?! It shouldn’t matter what people wear," she wrote.

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"But people have got to start being nice," she wrote. "Having common sense. Being respectful. This lady knew nothing about me."

Stevens made the point that this woman's comment could have pushed her over the edge if she were constantly made fun of for her weight, or if she was severely depressed.

"You never know what someone is going through or if your one little comment, snicker, stare, whatever will be enough to break someone down or push them over the edge," she wrote. "I fear for my daughter to grow up in this world. We’ve gotta set a good example for our children."

People wholeheartedly agreed with Stevens' message. "I'm sad to hear this person lives in our community," someone commented on her post. "Just awful. Hats off to you for posting this, and reminding all to choose kindness."

"I think you look lovely," another person commented. "There is no reason for ANYONE to give their unsolicited opinion about ANYTHING, including someone’s appearance."

Now that's a reminder we should all keep in mind.
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