16 Women Confess Why They Don't Use Birth Control

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There are many types of birth control options out there for modern women, assuming they have access to proper health care. And we have to say, for its typically tiny size, birth control is a pretty powerful invention. Since its creation in the 1950s by Margaret Sanger, birth control has changed the lives of many women. Allowing a woman to choose whether or not she wants a child -- and when, if she does -- gives her important control over her life, and it's paid off in tangible ways.


Researchers have found that the birth control pill has played a role in women's educational and professional gains since the 1960s, according to Forbes. More women have earned higher education and have also entered more male-dominated careers, which are usually higher paying, since their access to birth control. 

But birth control extends beyond just wanting to get pregnant or not; for some women, birth control helps improve their quality of health. It helps reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, and helps to regulate periods, and also decrease painful PMS symptoms. But some women have also reported the hormones to have negative side effects on their bodies.

The point is, birth control is a very personal choice, and it evidently has the ability to truly affect a woman's life. We spoke to 16 women on why they decide not to use birth control, and the reasons varied as much as the reasons for why women do choose to take birth control.

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