16 Women Confess Why They Don't Use Birth Control

16 Women Confess Why They Don't Use Birth Control
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There are many types of birth control options out there for modern women, assuming they have access to proper health care. And we have to say, for its typically tiny size, birth control is a pretty powerful invention. Since its creation in the 1950s by Margaret Sanger, birth control has changed the lives of many women. Allowing a woman to choose whether or not she wants a child -- and when, if she does -- gives her important control over her life, and it's paid off in tangible ways.

Researchers have found that the birth control pill has played a role in women's educational and professional gains since the 1960s, according to Forbes. More women have earned higher education and have also entered more male-dominated careers, which are usually higher paying, since their access to birth control. 

But birth control extends beyond just wanting to get pregnant or not; for some women, birth control helps improve their quality of health. It helps reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, and helps to regulate periods, and also decrease painful PMS symptoms. But some women have also reported the hormones to have negative side effects on their bodies.

The point is, birth control is a very personal choice, and it evidently has the ability to truly affect a woman's life. We spoke to 16 women on why they decide not to use birth control, and the reasons varied as much as the reasons for why women do choose to take birth control.

  • Feelings of depression

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    "It made me feel really sad and depressed all the time. Even low doses. Unfortunately, my body won't take an IUD [either]." -- Katie S.

  • High blood pressure

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    "So basically, I don't take birth control because I have high blood pressure and birth control is apparently supposed to f-ck that up ... so I physically can't take it. Also my mom is super anal and worries that all the hormones are going to eff up my body, and she believes it's not a remedy for my PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome]." -- Amy L.

  • Natural Cycles

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    "I don't use the standard birth control. I have an app on my phone called Natural Cycles, which apparently is as effective as the pill. It tells you the times of the month when sex is safe, and you do it by taking your temperature every day and inputting the details. I've never used the pill or any other hormonal contraceptive, [only condoms] because it's always felt unnatural to me, to take a drug every day. And looking at the side effects now, as part of some research I'm doing, I'm really glad I didn't!" -- Kate O.

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  • It made me "crazy"

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    "I was a birth control consumer for about six years as a form of pregnancy prevention, period regulation, and ovarian cyst regulation. I stopped using it because it started to make me feel crazy -- like, I was a totally different person. I went from thinking and acting rationally and calmly to an irrational, irate, angry, hormonal psycho-bitch (for lack of better words LOL)." -- Morgan M.

  • Unnatural

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    "Because its not natural. I don't want to put anything in my body that isn't natural." -- Vincent D.

  • Side effects

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    "With a hormone based birth control pill, I have gotten severely ill and it has caused significant weight gain. Implants have a high risk of migration and embedding in random places in the body requiring surgical removal. Natural reproductive health planning is not only doable but empowering. When a woman knows her body so well that she knows when to avoid sexual activity or to use barrier methods, it's truly remarkable. Being that in tune with your body should be encouraged!" -- Jessica D.

  • Post–birth control syndrome

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    "I was on birth control (the pill and the ring) for over 10 years before I stopped when I was ready to get pregnant. It took us over a year and three miscarriages before I was able to conceive. Since then, I have learned about all the side effects of birth control, including post–birth control syndrome, and I have no intention of ever using (hormonal) birth control again. I do use a fertility awareness method. Another reason I don't use birth control is because it covers up all of the natural signals our bodies are meant to give us and we are less in touch with our body and our bodies' natural rhythms. Women should be more aware and educated on their bodies and their fertility -- this is so empowering and I am looking forward to teaching my daughter about her body and her fertility when she is older so I can empower her as well." -- Michelle B.

  • Migraines

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    "I stopped using birth control birth [after] my first child because it caused me to have very bad migraines. It also caused me to develop depression." -- Nikki C. 

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  • Feeling more in touch with your body

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    "I didn’t have insurance at one point so I couldn't get my pills, so I was like whatever. Then I kind of liked feeling like I wasn’t f-cking with my body and getting more in touch with it. [I feel] probably a little less bitchy." -- Ivy H.

  • Painful PMS

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    "I was on the pill at 16 but got off of it soon after. It made my cramps much worse than what they were. I could barely move for three days because the pain was so strong. My moods were just out of whack. I never tried any other kind of birth control. I feel fine when I get my period now. I have two kids and don't plan on going back on birth control." -- April J.

  • Blood clots


    "I have a blood clotting disorder, and taking birth control with hormones will worsen it. Natural family planning works when it is used correctly and your cycle is regular." -- Kelly L.

  • Anti-hormone

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    "I’ve never taken birth control and don’t plan to ever. I️ don’t like taking medicine unless it’s NEEDED. I️ don't want to have hormones in my food, and I️ don't want my food modified, so why would I️ want to add hormones and 'modify' my body with something every day? And the reactions women have to it are unpredictable. I️ was just responsible other ways to not get pregnant until I️ wanted too." -- Teddi Y.

  • Fear of stroke


    "I didn't like how [birth control] made me feel overall emotionally and mentally. Of course, there's benefits like a shorter, lighter period, and stronger hair and nails, but for me, the risk of stroke after my mom suffered one at the age of 30 really made me nervous." -- Ashley L.

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  • Baby blues


    "Between my baby blues and the pill, I actually became a heap of a suicidal mess. I swore I'd never take it again." -- Kaela M.

  • Cost

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    "I don't use birth control because of cost. If you don't want a baby and I don't want a baby we better devise a plan that works for both of us. So if you want to pay 50/50, then by all means, let's use birth control; otherwise, pull out and pray or don't have sex." -- Lindsey M.

  • Breast cancer

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    "My doctor doesn't feel comfortable with my being on it cause my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. So I always take that into consideration." -- Kellie E.

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