Side-by-Side Bikini Photos of Sisters With Totally Different Body Types Prove Beauty Has No Size


Women, as we know by now, are pretty much always subject to being compared to society's limited standard of beauty. Sisters are, unfortunately, compared to not only those standards of beauty, but also often to each other, which can take a toll on their mental health. On Instagram, curvy model Sophie Eloise Hall opened up about looking wildly different from her own sister, and how that doesn't mean one is more beautiful than the other. (Let's just apply that mentality to all people out there.)

  • Hall posted pictures from a recent swimsuit photo shoot that she did with her "much slimmer" sister and fellow model, Abigail.

    In the caption, Hall opened up about how she would always feel compared, or compare herself, to her sister's appearance.

    "To be honest having a sister that’s always been much slimmer than myself -- along with a mother that always questioned, 'Should you eat that Soph?' -- then with nearly every girl being super-slim in the magazines, etc., it really did make me question my beauty and even my worth at times," she wrote in the caption.

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  • Thanks to a growing diversity in the modeling and fashion industry, Hall has felt less alone, and has grown more confident in her skin.

    "I am so happy to see such a change in the modeling and fashion industry, where I can see women that I can actually relate to in something other than height," she wrote.

    This necessary shift, which also includes her as a curvy model, has helped her realize that beauty isn't defined by the number on the scale or on your clothing tag. "Your confidence, a warm heart, and a strong belief in yourself tells the world how beautiful you are," she continued. 

  • Now Hall has a healthier outlook: "Same mother, same father, different bodies, both are beautiful," she captioned one of the photos.

    "Beauty is not defined by one shape or size, true beauty is unique, rare, and radiates from your soul outwards," she continued.

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  • People not only loved the photos of the two sisters, but many also loved Hall's body-positive message that accompanied them.

    "Wish this had been around when we were younger," someone else commented on a repost of the photoshoot. 

    We wholeheartedly agree. You go, Hall sisters!

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