People Can't Handle These Illustrations of Wonder Woman With Body Hair

wonder woman body hair

If we had to imagine Wonder Woman's schedule, it'd probably be pretty jam-packed. We hope that she'd prioritize saving the world over shaving her legs, right? One illustrator certainly thinks so.

  • For No-Shave November, India-based artist Raikchak Ha Reang reimagined Wonder Woman rocking body hair loud and proud.

    No-Shave November is an annual event in which folks forgo shaving and grooming in order to help raise awareness for cancer.

    " ... Wonder Woman was the perfect choice for it since she is strong, independent, fearless, and brave, and an inspiration to many," Reang tells CafeMom. "Even superheroes don't get time to take care of themselves always."

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  • Reang's imagined Wonder Woman is pretty unapologetic in having body hair, posing proudly.

    "Body hair, don't care," one image caption read.

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  • In one illustration, the superhero even pays tribute back to her squad with a Batman-inspired armpit hair design.

  • Some people loved Reang's illustrations, finding them empowering.

    "Keep inspiring!" one commenter cheered.

    "We need people like you to make it a better planet #womania," another person wrote. "Thanks again."

  • Others, unfortunately, called her "unattractive," proving that the societal standard for women to be hairless is alive and well.

    "Not sexy," another person commented.

    To the criticisms, Reang tells CafeMom that he hopes audiences can "come to terms with the reality that having body hair on women is natural." He continues: "Whether they accept it or not is up to them, and I am not apologetic for it."

  • We would think Wonder Woman herself would agree.

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