Singer Carnie Wilson Says Howard Stern Secretly Weighed Her & Fat-Shamed Her On Air

carnie wilson
Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

On CBS's The Talk, Carnie Wilson of the musical group Wilson Phillips revealed that she was fat-shamed and secretly weighed while appearing as a guest on The Howard Stern Show in 1999.


Nine weeks prior, Wilson had just undergone her first gastric bypass surgery; the procedure and her weight became the central focus of the Stern interview. 

"So when I walked in, the producer Gary said, 'Step over here and wait for Howard,'" she recalled, according to a video. "Well I didn't know this, but I was stepping on a scale. And I looked up and in red, big numbers, 233 pounds showed up on this thing. I said, 'Wait a minute?' and I looked down and all I could think was 'Howard, ready to shame me?' They purposely did it."

Still, Wilson went on air, and she says that Stern just went "nuts" commenting on her body, even going so far as to ask her now-husband, Rob Bonfiglio, who was also there, how he could be with a woman of her size. 


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"Would you be attracted to a guy this size?" Stern asked Wilson when they looked at photos of her before the surgery, according to an audio recording of the interview. Then Stern suggested that Bonfiglio couldn't possibly be genuinely attracted to Wilson, and that he must be a chubby-chaser or a gold-digger for being with Wilson.

Stern called Wilson "gorgeous," but continued to grill on her weight, calling her "heavy," and asking how they had sex at her heaviest.

To which Wilson clapped back that it was on her back, with her knees on his "f-cking shoulders."

the talk carnie wilson
The Talk/YouTube

Eventually, Wilson told Stern that he's against all fat people. Stern replied that she's wrong, but he's just "against having sex with them."

When the other women on The Talk asked why Stern would do something like this, Wilson replied: "Just because he loves to fat-shame, he does, he always has."

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Wilson wasn't about to take all these comments sitting down, and she said that she stood up to Stern: "You know what, this man loves me, and I am beautiful and that scale can just [explicit]."

Then Stern said, "You know what, I adore you." To him, it was all a joke. 

"But it wasn't to me," she said. "It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I remember going back to the hotel and I cried. I was so devastated and so embarrassed, humiliated, really." 

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