This Gorgeous Photo Shoot Celebrates the Beauty & Diversity of Black Women

Tolulope Gangbo

Even though there's been a definite improvement in recent years, mainstream media is still lacking when it comes to inclusivity and representation. Thankfully, one empowering photo shoot by Sameria Gbieor and photographer Tolulope Gangbo remind us why we need to celebrate all different types of beauty.

  • Gbieor had been modeling for Gangbo for about nine months when she approached him with an idea for a photo shoot.

    The vision was an "'all shades/sizes of black women' shoot in order to promote black excellence," Gangbo explains to CafeMom.

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    "I was scrolling down my Instagram page one day, and I saw this beautiful picture with four melanin sisters," Gbieor told Yahoo. "And I said to myself, 'I want to do something like this, but with more girls.'"

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  • So the two rounded up a total of seven other black women to pose in black undergarments.

    "Initially, we wanted a lot of women present in the shoot but quite a few of them were either not comfortable in their skin or comfortable with their size, which relates to the purpose of the shoot," Gangbo tells us.

  • Gangbo took the shoot outside of the "basic studio" and into a more nature-filled background "to add to the beauty of the women," as he puts it.

    Giebor tells CafeMom how she likes working with Gangbo because he doesn't edit out things like her stretch marks, which promotes her belief in accepting and loving your body as it is.

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    But the shoot promoted more than just body diversity; it also showed off diversity in hair. The models sported various hairstyles, from dreadlocks to natural hair, which isn't something you see on every magazine cover. 

  • Gangbo and Giebor hope that their project helps women, especially black women, celebrate what makes their bodies different.

    "No matter your size or your color, we are all beautiful. If we weren't different from everyone else, then we would all be the same, which is kinda boring," Giebor said to Yahoo. "Don't you think? What I wanted to get out there to my dark-skinned sisters is to love yourself. Once you love yourself, amazing things start to happen."

    "Black is beautiful and it needs to be seen by the world," Gangbo tells CafeMom

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