This Woman Showcases Real Women's Post-Baby Bodies & the Images Are Stunning

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Grab any magazine, and you'll read about how a celebrity had a baby yesterday -- and how her body has already bounced back, showing absolutely no trace of bearing a child. Teacher Whitney Dwyer grew tired of seeing this unrealistic portrayal of post-baby bodies over and over, and decided to do something about it. Enter My Post Baby Bodya blog "dedicated to conversations and images of women and how we relate to our post-baby bodies" in all of their real glory.

  • The women come from all walks of life, from having C-sections to abortions, and hope sharing their stories help others feel less alone.

    "Our appearance is not affirmed in the media," Dwyer said. "Why am I not on a billboard? I've yet to see a stomach like mine in a magazine."

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  • Dwyer was inspired after realizing she couldn't find images of women going through the same thing she was experiencing with her postpartum body.

    After having two babies in a small time frame, Dwyer (pictured above) found that her stomach was left protruding outwards due to diastasis recti, or when the abdomen muscles are stretched out from pregnancy and don't knit back together properly. She felt frustrated and ashamed when people kept asking her if she was pregnant when she wasn't.

    "I googled post-baby bodies, postpartum bodies, and all I found were workout tips, dieting tips, and wraps, and all these things that women are expected to do to their bodies," Dwyer said in a video with Barcroft TV

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  • Her blog helps real women reclaim their very real, very beautiful bodies, despite the changes that happened from carrying a baby.

    "It took me a very, very long time to be comfortable with my, I call it my fluffy ... but it's just a part of me," one woman who posed for Dwyer said in the video.

  • Since starting her blog, Dwyer has realized that life is too short to feel bad about her body.

    "My mind is in a state of being happy and satisfied with my body and doing what I want to with it, because you only get to live once," she said.

    "Who wants to live their life not in a bikini, if they want to be in a bikini?" she asked. Those are some nuggets of wisdom, if I've ever heard 'em.

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