Woman Uses Drastic Side-by-Side to Show the Realities of Achieving a 'Goal Weight'

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the term "goal weight." It's the idea that you'll be happier and somehow more beautiful once you reach a certain, lower number on the scale. But reducing yourself to an arbitrary number often does more harm than good, and model Natasha Rouchon experienced this firsthand. 

  • To testify to this, Rouchon took to Instagram, posting a side-by-side photo of herself at her smallest and at her current weight.

    "The picture on the left is of me before I left for a journey of a lifetime (in July 2016) and the picture on the right is of me September 2017," she wrote in the caption. "Since then I gained weight because I got comfortable and was no longer consistent with fighting towards my goals ... "

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  • "The picture on the left was the smallest I had ever been, but I was never happy with myself," she explained.

    In order to achieve her lowest number on the scale, she would put herself through painful and unhealthy things, such as starving herself, making herself throw up, and taking medication that would curb her appetite.

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  • Her "goal weight" affected not just her physical health, but her mental health too, driving her to become incredibly "insecure."

    "The me on the left hated herself and let her weight hold her back, only caring about looking good, being skinny, and fitting in," she continued. 

    "Throughout gaining weight I felt devastated, like a failure, and unworthy of love," she confessed. It was difficult for her because this was the closest she ever was to reaching her goal weight. 

  • "But after taking steps towards changing my lifestyle and my life today I found my purpose," she revealed.

    "The girl on the right is now a work in progress, working towards getting healthy," she declared. Through failing to reach her goal weight, Rouchon wants others to know that they don't have to, and that happiness and feeling beautiful isn't tied to some number on the scale or clothing tag.

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    "The conversation that used to drive me was, 'I want to be skinny,'" she wrote. "Today, it is, 'I want to be healthy because I adore myself.' All of me is beautiful, but today I actually realize it."

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