This Woman Hilariously Trolls Instagram Perfection by 'Chinning' in All Her Pics


Is anyone else tired of the literally picture-perfect world that is currently Instagram? From #fitso to #wanderlust to #foodporn that looks so good it must not even be real food, Instagram has gotten out of hand. Is it even documenting real life anymore? 

  • This makes Michelle Liu's travel account, @chinventures, all the more refreshing -- it's the total inverse of everything Instagram currently is.

    Instead of posing in those super unnatural contortions that make people look good in photos, Liu, 21, straight-up "chins" in all her photos" -- i.e., she takes pics from that unflattering angle of when the camera faces up at you. (If any folks have ever accidentally turned on their front-facing phone camera while not being ready for a photo, then you know what I'm talking about.)

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  • At first, Liu's "chinning" was just her way of feeling comfortable in her own skin, and not having to conform to a certain image.

    "My chinning entertained my friends all through middle school, high school, and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world," Liu told Mic.


  • So she started the account in September 2016 when she was studying abroad in Vienna.

    "Strangers always notice me chinning," she said. "Some appear shocked, others confused, but across the board from my experience, they are usually entertained." 

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  • She's "chinned" everywhere, from overseas in China ...

  • ... to the good ol' Big Apple.

    She's able to snap these hysterical pics with the help of a selfie stick.

  • The silliness of Liu's account is a nice reminder to not take Instagram so seriously, or let other people's Insta-lives make you feel bad.

    Liu and her @chinventures are the real #goals. 

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